Public Transportation Ticket

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Public Transportation Ticket

Post by joe101 » Sun 2nd Jun 2019 08:15 am

Hi guys,

which would be THE ticket to get for public transportation, for not even two days stay in Amsterdam? Are there day passes? If yes, are they reasonable to get, even for only half a day? Can one purchase them actually in a Tram or should one get them at a train station or so?

Thanks :)

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Re: Public Transportation Ticket

Post by macky » Sun 2nd Jun 2019 12:13 pm

There,s little building in front of central station that sells passes ,one day ,three day ,week what ever you need :mrgreen:

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Re: Public Transportation Ticket

Post by Lafe » Thu 6th Jun 2019 12:59 am

As you exit the front of Centraal Station, veer to the left. There is a building which says GVB on it.

Go inside, take a number, when you're called get a one, two, or three day pass. It's good for trams, busses and Metro light rail. Some ferries too. Won't work on the NS train though.

Pay attention on entering and exiting trams. Enter either at conductor or large double door near the rear, where the conductor sits. You check in and out on the machines by the door by holding your pass there.

Don't exit through that door. Go to the rear, or move forward and exit through double doors.
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Re: Public Transportation Ticket

Post by Willjay » Thu 6th Jun 2019 01:42 am

I never had to take the card out of my wallet, the reader could read through it. My wife only had to hold up her pocketbook to activate the reader.
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Post by Rafiki » Thu 6th Jun 2019 11:24 am

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Re: Public Transportation Ticket

Post by KeyMonCha » Fri 7th Jun 2019 04:50 pm

I'm currently hyping the Amsterdam & Region Travel Ticket... Can get on anything within the greater Dam area and you get an awesome little map with all the routes and line numbers... Had an absolute hoot flying all over the place last year... Shame they don't do longer than 3 days. :(

...You can pick 'em up in Schiphol at the rail counter and start using it right away... ... vel-ticket

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