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Golf Gab by Ed the head - The Finns

Post by ed the head » Tue 24th Oct 2017 10:48 am

10 23 2017 14:37 South Shore Golf Course, Staten Island

Not an ideal tee time, but the earliest one available after the 12 pm discount time. Very unlikely to complete 18 with this start time.

I arrive and check in. There is a 3-some teeing off and he tries to get me coupled with them. They are on the green by the time I get to the tee, and the starter instructs me to proceed and catch up.

Surprisingly, my tee shot is straight and true. I am using my 3W as I still struggle with a consistently straight Driver. I blade my second shot, the follow up misses the green right. My approach pitch is straight but short. I miss the 12 footer by hair and end with 6 for a double bogey.

As awful as that sounds, it was pretty good as compared to previous plays on that hole.

Getting closer to the group ahead now, but they've already teed off #2. They are a safe distance away so I tee off. Another straight and true. I mishit a couple on the way in but get off with another double bogey.

#3 is a shorter par 4, they are at their approach and I tee off. I hit a killer, it's a little right but fine. It's quite a bit closer to the group ahead than I anticipated and they notice. I par and catch them waiting to tee off so we couple up.

The group consists of a man near my age from Finland who has lived here for 30 years. With him are his son, 24 and his friend visiting from Finland.

My drive goes left (?new?) but it is long, a tree obstacle impairs my swing on 2, 3 hits the green and I am able to 1 put for a par.

Meanwhile, I am getting acquainted with the Finns and quite enjoying their company. They're all good golfers too, each better than I. We trade stories. I enjoy memories of involuntary, mandatory and embarrassing Norwegian Folk Dance Lessons at Finn Hall in Brooklyn circa 1970 in preparation for a Victor Borge Christmas Special for TV.

I am +9 after the front 9, for me a terrific score and I am having a blast. No one seems to mind me firing up my joints.

We manage to complete 15 before a starter catches us to remind us of the 6 pm cart return time. I am at 77 with 3 hole left incomplete.

Definitely one of my more enjoyable games, both for my own consistency but especially for very good company.

Thank you FINNS

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