Cannabis Photography Name Suggestions?

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Cannabis Photography Name Suggestions?

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Hi Everyone!

Due to coronavirus pandemic, I do not have many social activities; that's why I am thinking to use for a constructive purpose. I searched my collage days professional camera from my storage room and now thinking to start photography. As a beginning, I decided to start with cannabis photography. Actually, it is easy for me because I can get several photographs of my homegrown cannabis.

Though I am not starting it as a business, but I would need to use any name for my photography business. I found this article effective in this regard. I like Grand Lens, Magic Pictures and Shutter’s Moment interesting ones but I want to relate it with cannabis like it would prefer names like Cannabis Magical Pictures, CBD Shutter Moment etc. I would be grateful if you share some exciting names with me.

I am starting this business as a hobby for now but hopefully, I would get some projects or mayhap, I would able to sell my photos to CBD bloggers or companies in future. Please give me some name ideas and suggestions.

Moreover, it would be great if you share any source from where I could able to check the availability of these photography business names.

Waiting for your responses.


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