Urgent help dam next week

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Re: Urgent help dam next week

Post by RoMoney » Mon 12th Feb 2018 06:33 pm

madmaxxx wrote:
Fri 9th Feb 2018 11:30 am
Greenvalley you nailed it.i only really go the dam for 420 now.i enjoy the south of holland more.try the hauge in summer.gelteo only 15e where as it be 30e in the dam(lack of cannabis tourist means the local market rules.so crap weed and the local walk round to the next shop)also find the bud tenders better it there job rather than paying for uni course
Never been the Hague, how would you rate it versus Haarlem in terms of the CS scene?

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Re: Urgent help dam next week

Post by madmaxxx » Tue 13th Feb 2018 10:28 am

More diverse.you got the big 3 greenhouse(not arjans)dizzy duck and creamers.morrcan shops.good local joints happy smile.greenhouse has a massive menu gelato 15e.lava/ moon rocks 30/35e.block hash 24k 12e.loads of cs but some are out of the center.great beach and very few tourist.more choice than haarlem becuse willy has so many cs in 1 place.i be haarlem for the rosin press save me from getting bho

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Re: Urgent help dam next week

Post by greenvalley » Wed 14th Feb 2018 02:39 pm

Thanks for all your replies.

I will give another opportunity to the CS in Holland. Next visit I will probably go other cities than Adam and see what's up.

It's a shame what's happening in Amsterdam. I mean it doesn't get into my head that weed I get from regular dealers it's so much cheaper and so much better. Taste and potency wise. I smoked old school strains that would throw all these hype genetics in the bin.
Now I'm curious to fly to the US and see if they are really worth their salt. I hope quality is much better than in Adam. Netherlands usted to be the best but now Spain is so far ahead :shock:
How can they charge so much for a gram with that quality now I know why most dutch people don't even go inside a CS in Adam. I mean I don't want to bash the whole city I found some good stuff also but it's not easy to separate the hype from the real deal. Now I'm slapping myself for not going Katsu for example since somebody told me they carry Mr. Nice strains that are for sure better than what I smoked. From where I've been I would recommend Utopia and Voyagers to anyone who doesn't have much time.
Also if you see a rude bud tender just tell him you want nothing and go inside another shop. Dont't know why some have an attitude like that but some seem to be more important that the prime minister when all they are doing is selling some herbs :lol: Some are even clueless about what customer service is and what they are selling. Utopia was the only CS that made me feel at home since the guy was down to earth and the place was chill.
The scene could be so much better.... I guess that's the way kids like it but I've had enough from Adam.

Thank you all guys for the sugestions :D Its might seem like I had a bad time in Adam but it was really not like that. I had a great time but so many things could be better. And having much better bud at home I cannot spend so much for medium quality.
stay safe 8)

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