Christ are we doing this again? Tourist ban??

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Re: Christ are we doing this again? Tourist ban??

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Such a shame the way Amsterdam and local authority has gone in the direction of inviting and encouraging the riches rather than welcoming all to city. Understanding that during the last ten years that the city has been over populated this Major doesn’t seem to understand that it’s tourist just like us the ones who have supported their economy through the years using the airports, local transport, restaurants, brown bars and even the odd tourist attraction such as museums etc. Personally I feel that the city ( any other city in this world ) should crack down anti social behaviour. If you get arrested or need treatment through drink or drugs at the expense of that country then mark that individuals passport with a no return. Certain Individuals need to learn about own responsibility and some need to behave with some respect. Self in titled attitudes are ruining society. It’s shame a small part of society should behave like this and damage the rights of other travellers. Why should I go without the privilege of sitting in a coffee shop due to Tarquin over the in the red light districts had ten pints, six shots then thrown up over the bar got chucked out then pissed in the street got pulled up by a police officer and then got lippy and ended up in a cell. Hold individuals responsible and stop them visiting instead of tarnishing us all with the same brush.

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Re: Christ are we doing this again? Tourist ban??

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Promoted by VOC Nederland, Hanf Magazine says "A tourist ban would promote economic damage while at the same time increasing the illegal drug trade." ... ffeeshops/
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