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Glas wrote:Ya know, I didn't realise it was so close. It looks like TK is probably the best CS that's a short walk from the Leidseplein, so we might just grab those noodles and talk a slow walk up :D
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Glas wrote:
angry pirate wrote:
Glas wrote:Rookies or Rokerij it is, then along to Walk to Wok :D
What's all this "or" bollox? :lol: :lol:
I read some of the reviews for the Rokerij (which I had always believed to be a well-thought of place) and they weren't that great :?

Any thoughts on either/both yourself, Mr Pirate ;)
Yeah man, i like both. The rokerij near leidseplein is my favourite one of the chain, they do a nice nepali hash for 9e/g, and i've always liked the vibe in rookies, stayed in their hotel last year too. Also, dolphins is in that area, haven't been in a while but i always rated the place. Cafe de Klos (Kerkstraat) would be a must stop if you've never been. The ribs look great, i had the smoked chicken and it was the biz. Enjoy yr trip mate. :wink:
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I popped into Tweedy the other day but never noticed the opening times , as others have said you might just aswell head leidesplein , or go the other way and go to Bij and Boerjongens both great shops :wink:
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Hey Glas,

I stayed at the Abba during my first trip so Tweedy was the closest shop to me as well. I walked by the shop several times but like some others have said I just didn't get a welcoming vibe from it. As I remember there were no windows and a short set of stairs leading down into it. In fairness I didn't actually go in so I am just sharing an impression based on the look of the place from outside. I found the Rokerij off Leidseplein nice if not a bit dark inside but they had good gear - I think I got some White Widow from there that really whacked me as it was my first day and had been awake for many, many hours at the time. In the dam nothing seems all that far from anything else. If you're staying near Tweedy you could be at Rokerij in maybe five minutes walking.
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Re: Tweedy coffeeshop

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anyone been here lately? is it any good?

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