The Quality Issue....

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Re: The Quality Issue....

Post by Kenshiro » Tue 24th Jul 2018 09:34 pm

Some really informative input from you guys thank you!

The house thing is crazy re:marok
Storage and rush to market are obvious points along with the growers migrating.

I'm also convinced on bulk and poor storage with menu rotations etc. - for instance Voyagers Sour Casey was top end of menu in April but is now budget end and very similar if not slightly worse in quality? Seems to be the same or similar batch? Just an idea....

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Re: The Quality Issue....

Post by Fat_old_dwarf » Tue 24th Jul 2018 09:46 pm

Marok21 wrote:
Sun 22nd Jul 2018 08:16 pm
just forgot to say that the nl changed their weed policy over the last years and so they hunt growers like crazy with crazy punishments like u loose your house when you get caught while growing... many many good growers which supplied the coffeeshops stopped their work because of the high risk... now you have a lot more big players like "real" criminal organizations who supply the shops especially in the other parts of nl and look mostly for profit.
I've heard this as well from coffeeshop staff. The people supplying them are well dodgy, and often into other substances as well. Because, you know, money.

Still, the hash is generally good, and there are more kinds than I can usually get over here, where it's Moroccan mediocrity with occasional exotic offerings like honey hash or charas, maybe a couple of times a year. As the weed's better here, I don't go mad on it in the Dam, confining myself to a couple of grams to mix with a greater quantity of resin.

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