Happy Birthday AZLaker

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Happy Birthday AZLaker

Post by ftcarer »

Have a bongy 1 mate :mrgreen:

Sending out the good vibes to those that need them right now :-)

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Re: Happy Birthday AZLaker

Post by Willjay »

Have a Great Day :mrgreen:

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Re: Happy Birthday AZLaker

Post by Drugsbunny »

Happy Birthday
Hope its a good one



(When are you back in town?)
Take happiness with the heartache, go through life wearing a smile.

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Re: Happy Birthday AZLaker

Post by Nimrod »

Happy Birthday!
Enjoy your day.

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Re: Happy Birthday AZLaker

Post by AzLaker »

Thanks guys, had family in town this weekend due to the fact we have so many B-Day's in October. So we started the party a little early this year, :mrgreen: :mrgreen: plus our Granddaughter got Baptized also. :D :D Taking the day off today, so semi baked right now. Pizza at Grimaldi's tonight for dinner. :D :mrgreen: Life is Good. :wink: :mrgreen:

If you never do, you'll never know.

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Re: Happy Birthday AZLaker

Post by Kermit »

Enjoy the rest of your day 8)

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Re: Happy Birthday AZLaker

Post by Cisco »

Happy belated Birthday :oops: :mrgreen:
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Re: Happy Birthday AZLaker

Post by gapie »

:mrgreen: :P :lol:
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Re: Happy Birthday AZLaker

Post by spidergawd »

Excuse my idleness :| , Happy Birthday back at you Az 8).
What a long strange trip it is.

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