The greatest human where <X>=?

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The greatest human where <X>=?

Post by ed the head »

When I made my eggs this morning I thought about the first human to scramble an egg, or to put salt on it, or to first combine salt & pepper, (and so on).

Typical stoner thinking?

Later I light up a joint and think about the first human to discover the dried bud of a cannabis plant, and furthermore, to inhale it's burning aroma.

These are great humans, or at the least, humans with great ideas. Thank you humans.

Also, the guitar, what a great idea. And the lever. And shoes. And hats.

The list seems to go on forever ....
:?: :idea:

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Re: The greatest human where <X>=?

Post by Largefella »

Peanut butter.

and Chocolate.

And peanut butter-chocolate - the ultimate. Sinatra once sang, Doobee doobee dooo....
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Re: The greatest human where <X>=?

Post by TwoCanucks »

whomever came up with the blow job is the greatest
Amsterdam dreaming.............
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