Reoccurring dreams.

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Junglist Movement
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Reoccurring dreams.

Post by Junglist Movement »

It's always the same. In the two months leading up to, and the two months post trip, i always (most nights) have the same dream.

I'm in Amsterdam, for some reason it's the day we are leaving and I have completely neglected scoring weed, visiting coffeeshoos etc. Now the scenery changes, it's sometimes night and sometimes day but what always stays the same is my inability to find a cs. I just end up walking in frantic circles trying to find a place......

I never do though.

Anyone else experience anything like this?

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Re: Reoccurring dreams.

Post by CopenhagenCouple »

Have very similar experiences, although not necessarily the same theme as you JM it's usually along those lines - wandering the city (usually in some warped, stranger version of itself) looking for something, sometimes finding it sometimes looking without finding...
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Re: Reoccurring dreams.

Post by Fat_old_dwarf »

I've never had literally recurring dreams about anything, in the sense of the same things happening, but there are themes. With Amsterdam it's being without something crucial -- passport forgotten on the way to the port, being in the Dam without cards or money, that sort of thing. Has never happened in real life.

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