Not all druggy,s are selfless........

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Not all druggy,s are selfless........

Post by macky »

Do you give back ? Do you give your time? Unlike most of us my buddy Mucker organizes a big party to raise money for Make a wish foundation. His son-in-law owns recording studio and Mucker talks the artist,s in to playing for free ,not like
it takes much arm twisting .He also spends months gathering products to raffle off plus a fifty fifty draw .All in all he has raised a lot of money over the years for kids 8)
He not overly rich ,check that he is rich in friends and rolls and smokes some top self outdoor :mrgreen:
This Saturday me and 300 of his closed friends will gather to help him out (selfless druggy,s) :D
Never hurts to help your fellow man, enjoy your New Years ACDer,s :mrgreen:

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Re: Not all druggy,s are selfless........

Post by Willjay »

Make a Wish is a really great organization I’m glad your friend is helping them out I’m also glad that you and 300 others are helping him out.😎👍

I have taken music programs into the schools for free, and have also done shows at hospitals

But generosity is not surprising to me in the “counter culture” musicians artists and hippies are the most generous with there time and efforts, we’re to poor to give money

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year my virtual friend :mrgreen:

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