Is vaping legal in Saudi Arabia?

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Is vaping legal in Saudi Arabia?

Post by Usst »


I will be coming to work in Saudi Arabia (Taif) in the next month or two, for 12 months.
I will be living in a compound.

I'm from Netherlands and I vape on a daily basis instead of smoking cigarettes.

My questions are,

1) is vaping legal in Saudi Arabia? Or would I just have to vape on the compound?
2) will I be able to bring my vape and eliquid into the country via Jeddah airport? If so, is there a limit?

Thanks for the help!

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Re: Is vaping legal in Saudi Arabia?

Post by Smirks »

Do you realize this is an Amsterdam Coffeeshop forum? Quite simply, it’s not a site to pose questions like this. You’d have been much better off just googling it than bothering to register here just to ask this brain fart of a question as your first post salvo.

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Re: Is vaping legal in Saudi Arabia?

Post by OneHighMofo »

I don't mean to pile on uneccessary critique. While I side with Smirks' well put point. I'd also constructively add:

Perhaps it would be prudent to simply ask the Saudi embassy?
A Google search seems somewhat naive and lazy when considering the potential for contraband in a country that still removes people hands and feet for theft, or publically flogs them for 'sexual deviance'.

Good luck!

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Re: Is vaping legal in Saudi Arabia?

Post by FODSmith »

It's apparently not technically illegal, but selling anything to do with it is illegal.

As is bringing a vape or liquid into the country. So my advice would be not to do it. In a list of countries where it's a really bad idea to be on the wrong side of the law, Saudi Arabia is quite high on the list.

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Re: Is vaping legal in Saudi Arabia?

Post by macky »

Like you wrote your living in compound ,heard of alcohol and stuff for foreign worker,s in private .Surprised your new job does not give a do,s and don,ts people have said they take your hand for stealing bread.

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Re: Is vaping legal in Saudi Arabia?

Post by KeyMonCha »

Not that i think this is a genuine post, but on the off chance;

I think vaping is fine, so long as it's obviously for personal use... It's not illegal, but there are no retail outlets stocking e-liquid, so you'll have to bring your own... Don't bring too much! ... cigarettes

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Re: Is vaping legal in Saudi Arabia?

Post by DjShaggy »

Totally legal and if they say it’s not just tell them you’re from the west where things are done right and they just need to catch up. Hands will remain attached to body.

There has to be a better place to ask than a forum about Amsterdam coffeeshops.
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