Weirdo / arthouse / obscure films good w weed

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Weirdo / arthouse / obscure films good w weed

Post by bakedlays » Wed 8th Jan 2014 06:50 pm

Back in the days of VHS, a friend would come over from time to time with a huge bag of weed and a pile of video tapes labeled "Trip Tape". We'd get high all day long and he'd show me the most fucked up films I'd ever seen - nothing as horrific as what the internet breeds these days, but stuff that was hard to believe was made for anything but complete stoners. Having only a small exposure to anything considered "cult" or "underground" everything he showed me blew my mind.

He introduced me to such gems as
Tony Vegas' Animated Acidburn Flashback Tabu
Mary Hartman Mary Hartman
Jan Svankmajer
The Beaver Trilogy
Fantastic Planet
Buzz TV (Marc Pellington)
National Film Boards of Canada (animation shorts, not the band)
Ken Anger
Stan Brakhage
Sun Ra (Space is the Place)

All of these are great YouTube searches if you like enjoying your high with some art house weirdness.

Not sure why exactly, but currently popular "alternative" cartoons and programming like Adult Swim don't really do it for me. They do make some trippy and funny stuff, but too much of Mastershake dying of diabetes is a bit of a buzz kill for me.

I like stuff that can speak to that sense of enhanced sensitivity to color and sound, stream of conscious thought, euphoria, empathy, relaxation, confusion, sensuality, spirituality.

Anyone else with similar tastes, or similar tapes?

Other items worth searching for on the Tube?

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