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Post by CruMember » Sun 12th May 2019 02:23 pm

On a board in an Utrechtse café the term "Jochie" was announced as "het Utregse woord van het jaar 2018".
Does anyone know that?
Read that originally a 'Jochie' is a 'young boy' in the sense of a 'lad'.
But that it could be used as a good NL term for a 'pal', 'mate', 'fellow', 'bro'....
"In Utreg wordt ‘jochie’ gebruikt om iemand op een vriendschappelijke manier aan te spreken, ongeacht zijn leeftijd."
Think it is in use also all over the NL.
So, if e.g. you'd like to cheer to a friend as 'well done, mate!' you could say 'goed gedaan, jochie!' :thumbup:

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