Advice on Tenerife

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Advice on Tenerife

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Hello, my previous post I thought it was going to be Granada, we ended up booking Tenerife. Look for some advice on this, I have applied and been invited to join a club around 10 minutes walk from our apartment. Couple questions regarding Tenerife and Spain in general;

1) Has anyone visited Greenhouse in Tenerife? What was your experience like? Did they sell hash, was it good?

2) Any indication on price of Flower and hash would be appreciated?

3) Regarding concentrates is this something you would recommend? I am a irregular smoker, who only smoke on holiday (although I go on holiday regularly :lol: :lol: :lol: ) - I am not really interested in potency, is there a substantial benefit in flavour etc?

4) Regarding the legal situation - my understanding is in the clubs you are okay, I understand smoking in public is a big no-no - if I were to take something back to our private apartment and smoke, could the neighbours complain / police cause issue?

Thanks in advance (obviously a report will follow this trip!)

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