Holiday in LA-California

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Holiday in LA-California

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so I was having a discussion recently with a friend and we are kinda unsure.
say you come from the EU and go on Holiday in LA.

there are a lot of Weed shops what I heard and you can purchase freely, how ever I also know that smoking (even tobacco) is prohibited in LA. so how would you be able to consume? and as we both also smoke tobacco, how would you be able to live out those vices there?

Does anyone have any experience?

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Re: Holiday in LA-California

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You are right, the tobacco prohibition in this country is strong in the western states that pioneered the legalization. As legalized weed comes east and south where the tobacco bans are not as draconian as the west coast you will see some smoke friendly places open.

In the meantime be discreet and be careful enjoy your trip,

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Re: Holiday in LA-California

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they will be opening consumption clubs in cali soon. already have a few in washington and oregon. The northwest cannabis club in portland comes to mind. other than that..just be discreet. use the same rules about public toking that you would use in dont smoke near schools/playgrounds or children. try and get smoking friendly hotels or air bnb. best of luck!
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