Here's what I've been waiting for in Arizona.

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Here's what I've been waiting for in Arizona.

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2020 Legalization Initiative For Arizona


The months of anticipation are over!

The Smart and Safe Arizona Campaign has released its language for its 2020 cannabis legalization citizens’ ballot measure. Strategies 360, the company drafting the initiative has given Arizona Cannabis Monthly this exclusive first look.

2020 Initiative Smart & Safe Arizona
Arizona ACLU board member, Roopali Desai served as the primary author, incorporating input from literally dozens of stakeholders. While the campaign solicited input from multiple industry stakeholders, it also leaned heavily on national drug and criminal justice policy organizations such as the Drug Policy Alliance, NORML and LEAP, who all contributed to shaping the language to create a state-of-the-art adult use cannabis program.

The next step, Smart and Safe Arizona will file the language with the Secretary of State’s office. As courtesy, a copy will be sent to the state legislature’s legislative counsel, lawyers who evaluate the language to make sure it is consistent with the rest of state statutes. Once it is reviewed, it will be added to the Secretary of State’s list of initiatives.

Once it has been reviewed by legislative counsel, the campaign can start collecting signatures. This election initiatives will need to have 237,000 verified voters’ signatures to qualify for the ballot in November. The campaign is expected to aim to collect around 340,000 signatures for a cushion. The signatures are due by the first week of July 2020.

Those wanting to donate, volunteer or just learn more can visit the Smart and Safe Arizona website by clicking here. To learn more about the campaign and for detailed analysis continue following Arizona Cannabis Monthly.

—Mikel Weisser is the editor of Arizona Cannabis Monthly, state director of NORML and rural regional field director for the Smart and Safe Arizona 2020 legalization campaign.

I looked further into the legal language, not ALL 16 pages yet, I'll will in a minute, but it looks very promising. This State is making it VERY hard for citizens to put initiatives on the ballot. If your T's aren't crossed and i's not P's and Q's and every fu+king thing else the government expects you to do, they'll throw it out. It's good to see their sending the draft to the State first to make sure everything is PERFECT. It's on now! :mrgreen:


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