WA legalises medicinal marijuana

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WA legalises medicinal marijuana

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WA legalises medicinal marijuana

Heather McNeill
October 28 2016

WA doctors will be able to legally prescribe medicinal cannabis from Tuesday after the state government threw its support behind changes to Commonwealth laws.

Health Minister John Day on Friday welcomed the new legislation, which will class medicinal cannabis as a controlled prescription drug from November 1.

Dr Andrew Katelaris is one of Australia's biggest medicinal cannabis suppliers.
Photo: Rohan Thomson

"Like all controlled drugs, medicinal cannabis will be prescription only, with strict rules around prescribing," he said.

"Medical practitioners will be at the centre of all treatment decisions and patients will need to discuss their situation with their treating doctor.

"Only a pharmacist will be able to dispense medicinal cannabis, with supply from any other means remaining illegal in Western Australia."

Recreational use of cannabis will remain illegal.

Mr Day said any doctor wishing to prescribe medicinal cannabis would need approval from the Therapeutic Goods Administration and an expert advisory committee, to be established by the Department of Health.

"The focus for the Western Australian Government will be on the safety, efficacy and quality," he said.

"It is important consumers remain protected from illegal, poorly made or harmful products.

"Products that could potentially be approved will be those in safe and accepted pharmaceutical formulations.

"Raw cannabis and the smoking of cannabis will not qualify as medicinal cannabis."


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Re: WA legalises medicinal marijuana

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Maybre edit "WA" since that's also state initials for Washington State, which did legalize cannabis some years ago already...

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