Still can,t...

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Still can,t...

Post by macky » Tue 11th Apr 2017 07:29 pm

Still can,t send seeds from Canada to US .Sent etransfer to Kingston 420 seeds Thursday ,got confirmation of payment seeds on way. I have used these guys a few times always one two days turn round . When they did not arrive I checked tracking parcel on line ,company made label not shipped yet.
I called and told guy order number ,he calmly tells me money received Thursday. Packaged and waiting pick up Canada post . Then he,s says border control raided them and took it and all there inventory .
He then says money will be transfered back in 3 minutes ,tells me pass word says good bye quick like bunny :lol:
Was not giving me chance to ask question, sure if you don,t have permit to grow you may have a few :D
Marc Emery got extradited and given five years federal time for same thing. Guess seed shopping in Dam back on....Roll on 420

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