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What I learned ...

Posted: Thu 5th Mar 2020 02:40 pm
by macky
What I learned in my short time with a big canna LP . The industry was started by grifters and promoters,with none having a clue about weed or pot heads :mrgreen:
The guy who was called master grower was more like master sprayer ( scary shit) I will not slag here . When we meet again I tell you about it :D
Over all industry has way to much product ,mostly sub par . Everyone is closing facility ,s and lay,n people off .Huge write downs not including all the frauds and other Tom foolishness going on :roll:
My friend seen what was coming and I was offered a stone job that’s good cash so easy decision.
The good news is micro grows are coming on line ....people who love the plant .
So. I sit waiting for spring and work to start . I bought a grow tent to keep me busy ,I now have expanded to two :wink:
There is lots of things happening in the market legal and black market...leave that for another thread.

Re: What I learned ...

Posted: Thu 5th Mar 2020 04:27 pm
by Willjay
Sounds like your going back to the stone mason trade. 8) also sounds like you had an eye opening experience with the cana business :shock: good luck with what ever you do, it’s good to hear from you here again :mrgreen:

Re: What I learned ...

Posted: Wed 25th Mar 2020 10:45 pm
by macky
What I learned the biggest grow company has in its vault enough weed at today’s volumes .to supply the whole country for two and a half years :shock:
My buddy says there getting returns on weed packaged in 2017, Know what you mean I said,girlfriend bought weed with March 2019 couple weeks ago . He said ya but that was when it was packaged it could of sat in a vault for a year or so first :(