Euro-Cannabis groups meet in Berlin

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Euro-Cannabis groups meet in Berlin

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Euro-Cannabis groups meet in Berlin

Cannabis activist groups from all across Europe are set to descend on Berlin, as the annual Legalize Hemp Parade is announced for 2008.
Each year MonsterBud & Friends meet in Berlin for the Legalize hemp parade in Germany.

"Stop Talking! Do it!"

The 'MonsterBud' Team together with farmers, consumers, dealers and other interested groups, are demanding their rights for the controlled delivery of marijuana and hashish as well as the legal cultivation of min. of 5 plants, as are the regulations in neighbouring Holland.

A spokesman said, "there is no better way to control the purity and the clarity of a product we already know many millions are going to smoke, and regardless of the legal status, and thats by allowing people to grow their own supply"?

This will reap many health benefits for the millions of people across Europe who use cannabis regularly.

"Its a policy which has shown real gains in controling cannabis use in The Netherlands," he continued, "and since cannabis was declassified in the United Kingdom the governments own advisory council has commented on a drop in user figures of between 20% and 25%, showing a more liberal approach to drugs policy really works in reducing numbers."

A spokesman for pro-cannabis reform website the Canna Zine ( ) said, "If the majority of Europe wishes to ratify the Lisbon Treaty, they must take into account the percentage of their respective populations who consume cannabis, sometimes instead of alcohol or tobacco".

"As more European states allow for a more pragmatic approach to cannabis law, it surely must beg the question, 'When will cannabis be decriminalised across the whole of Europe, instead of the present situation which shows no rhyme or reason between sometimes neighbouring member states'?"

"Cannabis is either dangerous enough for the whole of Europe to ban it, or its not, in which case legislation should be passed in all European Capital cities straight away"?

Keep an eye out for MonsterBud, and don't forget to say "high". In case you're not sure he's the big green dude.

When: The Legalise Hemp Parade will take place on Saturday, 2nd of August - 2008 at 13:00

Where: Alexanderplatz begins the hempparade.

Who: If many join, like thousands of like minds, voices talking the same language, then our vision, will quickly be realized!

How: With banners, Flyers and Posters we can better command the attention of the European/World press and the politicians, who between them, decide what is illegal, and what isn't!

MonsterBud Says;
Right now, starting today, you can take part, contribute, get active, become creative, for a fair and balanced future regarding cannabis in Europe!

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Cannabis is The Tree of Life

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Will try to motivate some people to go there, even if it is not too near to us ......more power to the people !

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sh@dy wrote:Will try to motivate some people to go there, even if it is not too near to us ......more power to the people !
I think it should be All the power to All the People. Right on!

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