Hallucinogenic chocolates doom Berlin sweet shop

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Hallucinogenic chocolates doom Berlin sweet shop

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BERLIN (Reuters) - Police closed down a Berlin sweet shop after discovering the owner was selling chocolates and lollipops laced with hallucinogenic mushrooms and marijuana.

The 23-year old owner of the shop in the trendy east Berlin district of Prenzlauer Berg, an area known for its vibrant night life, was taken into custody on suspicion of drug-dealing.

"In the shop we found 120 pieces of magic mushroom chocolate and countless cannabis lollipops," said police, who confiscated around 70 sachets containing various drugs, about 20 marijuana joints, a range of pills and some jars of drug-laced honey.

Police said one customer, who appeared intoxicated, was arrested after trying to buy a bag of hallucinogenic mushrooms from an officer in the shop.

http://uk.reuters.com/article/newsOne/i ... 2220080912

If it wasnt for the brits, ID BE DUTCH RIGHT NOW

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Wish that sweet shop was by me!
nice1 :D

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A few bars in East Berlin will look the other way if you decide to toke up discreetly. :wink:

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