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Post by WLow » Wed 13th Mar 2019 11:13 pm

Marok21 wrote:
Wed 13th Mar 2019 09:14 pm
macky wrote:
Mon 11th Mar 2019 11:59 pm
When you say double filtered do you mean clean wax heads and leaf matter a second time.
As I write this down it,s seems like a dum ? But if you don,ask you don,t know
I just quoted what they wrote on their instagram acc. They say it´s "double filtered"... I wanted
to ask the budtender how it´s be made... personaly I am not so up to date about that filtering
techniques... well I heard of that static filtering method for the first time a few months ago :lol: ...
but it´s only logical to try to improve the quality of the final product with filtering... I could imagine that
a few farmers used a kind of filtering already in the past for some special quality batches... well you can
also improve the quality by using only the best plants and only the best buds for producing the hash...

I don´t know with what filtering technique the new hashes of Solo had been made... if anyone knows more
about that filtering topic in general it would be very nice to hear more :mrgreen:
I think what the person running the ig means is that they use 2 mesh screen to "filtering" but the process is the same as always for dry sift. Like el guapo when they had GG#4 hash 60 and 30 microns.

Double filtering dont really say anything if you don't say what type of mesh is used.

Edit: Better term would have been "double sieved".
but whatever that means...going through a weed tumbler could be 1 after that on a mesh screen could be 2 :mrgreen:

With the GG#4 hash 60 and 30 we can understand they used the oldschool tap tech to get the hash and then got it on the 60micron and what's got through was put on the 30 microns.

When Bubbleman "clean" heads to get the 99%, he get it through 3 mesh screen first and then use the static tech to finish.

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