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Re: Dampkring

Post by Tchukykush92 »

it is often rare as you say to come across good quality black hash 4 5 years ago i had taken samsara bodhi from nepal it was amazing as well as sensabille was amazing and the super tbisla for old school hash was also a value on strongly February to retest all this

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Re: Dampkring

Post by AudioKush »

Original Dampkring has been our go-to the past month or so for exotics.

Rocky Dennis is phenomenal. It is a cross of Flo & Sour Dubble. As you may expect from the genetics, it is very sour!

This week we up from Lemonade Stand for €10 a gram. This is a new item on the menu. It tested at 17% THC with Purpl Pro.

Ceres Hilton is a powerhouse haze that will energize your day!
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Re: Dampkring

Post by kushy »

I agree with Audio here, interesting menu and last week Lemonade Stand was great!

Today no lemonade or Larry Og but three new (nice looking) - 10 euro indicas.
Opted for a gram of Rare Danksgiving,
and squished a decent 0.22 of flower rosin.
Tom Joad
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Re: Dampkring

Post by Tom Joad »

The Netflix Holiday is a great replacement for the Lemonade Stand. These guys are really stepping up at the moment.
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Re: Dampkring

Post by DeLekkersteNUGS16 »

Recent Purchases (i.e. December 2020 period):

Commerce City Kush - 14.50 EUR/g. Your typical gassy OG profile ksuh. Nice fairly dense bud structure, odor is present but not overwhelming. In the vapcap flavor transfers very nice with a rich full-bodied sweet gassy delight. Was a repeat purchase, recommended if you're a fan of OGs.

Piff Haze - 14.50 EUR/g. Same as always, a slice of nostalgia from NYC. Classic old-school style haze. A bit overly dry this time though. In any matter, repeat purcahse.

C5 - 12.50 EUR/g (? - it was less than 14.50 EUR/g, that I know) a bit of a hybrid between the old-school hazes (e.g. piff haze, Neville's Haze, etc.) and the lemony Amsterdam-style hazes (e.g. Amnesia, SSH, Super Lemon Haze). Sweet floral notes, with a hint of spice, cedar and light notes of lemons, and apple.

Ceres Hitlon - 13.50 EUR/g this one is a typical of the aforementioned "Amsterdam style hazes". Nice frostly buds, dense, and nice candied lemon nose. Pretty solid stuff albeit a bit overpriced in my opinion. The Sensemilla Haze from Coffeeshop Sensemilla, which noticeably nicer and a euro cheaper per gram (or 2 cheaper per gram if you get 5 grams). Good but after a recent taste of the Sensi, I'll cycle the extra 5-10 minutes to grab that instead, if it's haze I'm after.
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