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Post by NirvanaEJ » Wed 5th Nov 2008 04:08 pm

i really like that idea, is it possible lem?

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Post by Drenbt » Wed 5th Nov 2008 04:25 pm

I agree I definately like the sound of that- someone please tell me if this is possible!!

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Post by BigRigRob » Wed 5th Nov 2008 05:48 pm

^^^ What they said ^^^
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Post by puffpuffgive » Thu 6th Nov 2008 12:41 am


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Post by gapie » Thu 6th Nov 2008 09:37 am

NirvanaEJ wrote:i really like that idea, is it possible lem?
if it is posibble we need to connect the other forums to in one big database with the names and passwords we can use php that is the easiest becoz we can make an loginscreen and everything behind it and we combine with php
we can make one site for to connect to the database of the forums then it will register which coffeeshop and then u see also the deals from the coffeeshop example White widow 7 euros per gram but the deal for 10 euros 1.5 grams or something like that but it is IDEA i hope it will work and we need some coffeeshops that join us IDEA we can go to 420 cafe de kuil becoz lots of the meet and greets is there and it is nice if we got some deals over there the white widow is nice there but 8 euros is a lot thus if we can make an appointment with 420 cafe for 10 euros 1.5 grams orso achj jaa we will see
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Post by Pala » Thu 6th Nov 2008 11:37 am

Marijuana is a hell of a drug ~Rick James (sorta)

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Post by Puffin13 » Thu 6th Nov 2008 03:02 pm

Pala wrote:Marijuana is a hell of a drug ~Rick James (sorta)
I actually find that marijuana is a heaven of a drug. :wink:
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Post by Pala » Thu 6th Nov 2008 08:14 pm

Puffin13 wrote:
Pala wrote:Marijuana is a hell of a drug ~Rick James (sorta)
I actually find that marijuana is a heaven of a drug. :wink:
It seems to varying effects. :wink:

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Post by DRcronic » Fri 7th Nov 2008 02:07 pm

i once smoked 'heavens haze' from here was most pleasant.

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Post by flynnc8 » Tue 25th Nov 2008 11:38 pm

OMG, we loved this place... honestly we stayed across the lane in Cosmos Hostel and El Guapo was the first port of call each morning....

JJ was really nice had many a chat with him lol...

The shop itself isn't huge with about 4 tables but its cosy.... The carmello was really sweet loved it...

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Post by echc1 » Sat 29th Nov 2008 08:28 am

well i went,i smoked the mako haze(great taste,nice buzz,ideal for daytime) quite small,local place ,very friendly...budtender knew what he was doing and let me choose the bud i wanted........but no discount as far as the ACD mention

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Post by puffpuffgive » Mon 1st Dec 2008 03:41 pm

very good recommendations last couple of posters- mako haze and caramello were both great in mid-november.

caramello- quick hitting, slightly queasy at first softening into an energetic, intense high- great for walking around & thinking a lot!

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Post by polsKi » Thu 4th Dec 2008 02:28 pm

This place is really really comfortable, especially during the evening. You can sit outside von small chairs and smoke in that calm alley. The Shop-Owner is from Turkey, they had a Picture of the Turkish National Team and i asked. The Budkeeper was REALLY friendly and talked with us a lot. I remember he said, that hes from Spain. The Bubblegum i smoked didnt look that much, but the buds were quite compact and hard. It was really sticky. The smoke itself felt a bit thick and heavyweight but i had no problems.

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Post by Freekjoy » Sun 1st Feb 2009 12:20 am

The first time i came accross this pace was when i stayed in the Hostel Cosmos where it was right across the street. Being my first time in the dam at that point we didnt go in with all the choice we decided to by pass it. On my recent visit i decided to pop in just to buy. Got some afghan and it was, to pardon my french, shit! had a plastic feel and texture and smoked no better. all i got was a headache from this stuff. dont wanna bad mouth a member of this site but jesus it was crap!!

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Coffeeshop El Guapo 2009

Post by DRA » Wed 29th Apr 2009 02:27 pm

Thursday, 2 April was my second day in Netherlands, having spent the night at Els' out in Almere Haven. Shortly after 1:00pm I met my friend Ozan at the train station in Almere Centrum where we boarded the train that took us into Amsterdam.

We arrived at Centraal Station and eventually made our way over to Nieuwe Nieuwstraat, a small and narrow side street just off the busy Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal. lt was here we found Coffeeshop El Guapo, an almost hidden treasure right in the heart of the Centrum.

This small shop is decorated in psychedelic motifs which are reminescent of the 1960's. The molded walls create the illusion of of sitting inside a castle built into a mountian side cave. The table tops are covereded with tile mosaics and the tie-dye painted walls are pure eye candy for guests who are enjoying something from the menu.

The budtender was very friendly and was happy to show me the best items and describe the various benefits. The menu is large wth numerous weed and hash offerings available. The prices seem to be about the same and possibly higher on some items but the selection is better than you'll find at most coffeeshops in the Centrum.

On this early afternoon, the shop was busy with several locals and regulars who were smoking cigarettes outside in front of the store while several young ladies, tourists, sat in the lounge area at the back of the shop, passing around a pipe. The bright sun light flooding the shop through the open store front made the psychedelic colors even more brilliant.

See the video here:


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