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Post by SeniorHippies » Sun 13th Dec 2009 05:45 pm

ACD Page: 't Ooievaartje

The SeniorHippies' trek to Joe Cool's in Ijmuiden was beaten back by the wind and rain after a fun trip on the fast ferry. We had a cup of tea at the ferry landing and headed back to A'dam. As we were pulling up to the dock behind Centraal Station I had the idea to take the ferry to Noord and try out a recommended shop, t'Ooievaartje (the Stork). It was not at all hard to find about 5 minutes from the ferry landing. After a left just past the brightly decorated community center building, and a right onto the little high street, we found it right in the middle of the block.

The very front of the place has a smallish number of tables by the windows which made for a bright room. The bud counter could be seen in the little hallway on the left leading to the back. After doffing coats and packs we saw a little sign saying no smoking of anything was allowed in the front room. I confirmed this with the bud-tender (the policy is not just for tourists) and we removed ourselves to the back room. I ordered some reasonably priced weed from the high end of the menu. The bud-guy suggested an alternative and I took him up on it. At the same time I ordered a couple cups of tea and repaired to the back room.

The smoking room is a fairly large room with tables and bar stools. The walls are black with a jungle theme of green painted women and plants. The light was from conventional lights in the ceiling as there are no windows. The floors are plain wood. A decent looking pool table lies opposite the door. Another person, a bit older than the tender brought us our tea and bid us a nice pleasant welcome, asking us how long we were in A'dam, where we were from, and how we came to be in Noord. He was happy when I said we came specifically to visit the shop. I wish I paid more attention to what I was sold, but it was very nice, indeed. It had a great taste and smelled fruity and rich. We were quite pleased before we finished half the joint. About the time we were finishing our tea the server came back out to see how we liked the weed, and whether we wanted more tea. He seemed genuinely happy we liked the weed. We considered moving back to the front to have another tea, but we just sat where we were for another cup.

The whole time we were there there was a guy practicing his pool game, to no great effect that I could see. He seemed to be getting a little mad at himself, and was muttering under his breath. He really wasn't a threat to anything but his supply of euros, though. The pool table in that room, however, with its lack of soft surfaces, made a thunderous noise. Especially when he would miss and then hammer a few hangers as hard as he could. Good weed helps you endure, and we did.

When we left, the older fellow came out of the kitchen to bid us good-bye along with the bud tender. We said we'd come again another day, which resulted in more smiles, and we will. Good weed, good prices, good service, and nice people make for a good shop.

The sun came out as we were leaving and lasted almost till we got to the ferry.

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Re: Ooievaartje

Post by archambaut » Thu 28th Jul 2011 06:19 am

I decided to take the trip out here - easy enough - free GVB ferry to Ijplein,
5 mins walk.
Very nice shop with friendly staff and a nice community atmosphere.
Got Ooie Cheese at 10/g and Twizla at 9/g.
Both were good - the Twizla was quite strong.
I thought the Cheese was a bit pricey until I smoked it.
I was fucked up and there are big blank holes in the rest of that day,
so I guess it was good value :mrgreen:

Worth a visit, plus you get a fee ferry ride over the Ij.
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Re: Ooievaartje

Post by darkglobe » Thu 23rd Feb 2012 04:32 pm

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Re: Ooievaartje

Post by ozric » Fri 13th Apr 2012 06:46 pm

Great coffeeshop, nice people, good music.
I bought some Shiva for €7,50 for 1 gram. Smells great, good stoney effect in a joint.
They rebuild the smoke room, they've added some live pigeons.
Real birds, with big comfortable looking boxes they're staying in.
At first I thought it was for little children, I saw some bars behind some glass windows.

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Re: Ooievaartje

Post by Spaldwickapeface » Wed 23rd Jan 2013 09:55 pm

It was a snowy but sunny morning as I cycled through Centrum on my way up to the free ferries located behind Centraal Station, to get to coffeeshop Ooievaartje you need to jump on the one that goes to Ijplein. It is a short crossing only taking five minutes or so, it was very nice to see Amsterdam from a different perspective, bathed in winter sunshine. The coffeeshop was easy to find just follow the road from the dock, take the second left followed by the first right and it's in front of you. Before I went in I decided to have a cycle around and see what Amsterdam North is like; the answer very pleasant, it is rather more sedate than the hustle and bustle of the city centre.

I tied my bike up and headed inside, there was a women working the bar area and three guys hanging around rolling a joint. After a brief conversation about the cold and that it should be what with being winter and all I order a cup of tea for €1 before looking at the product on offer. There is not an exceptional choice, maybe six types of weed, ranging from Candy Kush €12 down to a gram of Jack Herrer €8. I did not look much at the hash which is very unusual for myself, but I just fancied a joint of green that morning. I opted for the Jack, a good price and what seemed like a hefty gram, what's more it got me very stonned and it was not as if I had not been smoking Amsterdams finest all week, so I was a happy customer.

You have to head through to the back of the shop to smoke, there is not a great deal of seating in here despite it being a reasonably large room, I can remember a large table with benches round three sides and the higher table where I sat on one of the bar stools. There is a table football table there rather than the pool table mentioned in another report, I do like a bit of table football now and again so this is a good thing in my opinion. The room is painted dark with jungle murals on the walls, it is a warm and welcoming place to sit and have a smoke.

Oh and yes there are racing pigeons in this coffeeshop, there is a second room of similar size to the smoking room parallel in size, the pigeons are located in here, there are glass windows allowing you to look in on the birds, who looked very warm and cosy in their straw beds in comparison with the ratty ones you see living at the Rembrandtplein.

After smoking my joint, I decided that fresh air was a good policy so headed back out into the streets to continue my days riding. Instead of heading back to the ferry I had used earlier in he morning I cycled through the suburb and a more industrial area untill I came to the dock for the NDSM-werf and the boat back to Centraal. Where you get on the boat there is an old submarine and the Amsterdam boatel morred up. This ferry boat takes longer than the first one, about fifteen minutes and really gives you a good feel for the busy waterways leading to the city, it made me think of how the waterways must have been in the past.

If you are in Amsterdam for some time and want a cheap idea to pass a morning then I would highly recommend playing around with the free ferries and while your there pop into Ooievaartje for a joint or two, I am sure they would love to see you. You can get information for the ferries from the GVB website, basically they run roughly ever 15 minutes and a free
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Re: Ooievaartje

Post by arkan » Thu 24th Jan 2013 01:07 am

Always wanted to see what the north of the city had to offer but found no excuse to, now seeing this thread i will definetly give this place a visit when im over next month.

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Re: Ooievaartje

Post by mafufero » Thu 24th Jan 2013 01:20 am

arkan wrote:Always wanted to see what the north of the city had to offer but found no excuse to, now seeing this thread i will definetly give this place a visit when im over next month.
Next trip: November 2013

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Re: Ooievaartje

Post by treetop » Thu 24th Jan 2013 07:21 am

arkan wrote:Always wanted to see what the north of the city had to offer but found no excuse to, now seeing this thread i will definetly give this place a visit when im over next month.
Definitely looks like it is worth a visit. A free 5 min ferry ride sounds like fun as well!
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Re: Ooievaartje

Post by Bob2 » Thu 24th Jan 2013 11:58 am

if you wanna pop over on 420 sometime treetop. i would like to visit as i missed it last trip..

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Re: Ooievaartje

Post by Sailor59 » Thu 24th Jan 2013 12:06 pm

I'll give it a whirl the week after next. :mrgreen:
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Re: Ooievaartje

Post by treetop » Fri 25th Jan 2013 04:06 am

stuart1976 wrote:if you wanna pop over on 420 sometime treetop. i would like to visit as i missed it last trip..
Yep. Good plan.

I guess around noon at Voyagers should be enough time to get back or you think earlier? I wouldn't mind chilling in the garden of the shop out back if it is a nice day.
How much did you produce?

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Re: Ooievaartje

Post by stokey » Thu 19th Jun 2014 11:52 pm

I took a trip over the river to visit this coffeeshop for the first time on Monday. It's easy enough to find and is only really a few minutes walk, but I had a bit of an encounter on the way!
As I got off the ferry I stopped to take a few photos and after most people had dispersed a teenage lad started getting frantic and shouting stuff. Running round from person to person asking them something. He came to me and started shouting in dutch at me, and making a mobile phone gesture at me. I didn't understand so just said "sorry no" and walked away in the direction of the coffeeshop. As I turned the corner to see I had found Ooievaartje easy enough and was about to enter the door the lad from the ferry stopped his bike right across my path and two of his mates used their bikes to trap me against the wall. He started shouting "cell phone cellphone" at me. I just stared back wondering how I was going to get out of this situation with all my belongings. I was sure I was getting robbed. After what seemed like an age his mate says "He had his phone stolen on the ferry. Do you have it?" I almost smiled in semi relief as I thought maybe they weren't mugging me! I said no sorry, and that I didn't see anything as I was stood at the front of the ferry facing out. The lad starts getting in my face and says "open pockets". I thought fair enough, I've not got his phone. I told him okay but told them all to move back out of arms reach. Now when i'm in Amsterdam I always wear clothes with lots of pockets to avoid carrying a backpack, so this was going to take a while...and it seemed to take forever. Every pocket had a zip or button, and my hands were shaking now which made it fiddly. Out came my phone, I said "that's mine, ok?" he nodded and I put it back in my pocket. Next my wallet and Voyagers room key, he nodded again, I'm not getting robbed! Then my passport, then my map, my weed, baccy, grinder etc until the last pocket. Then a man walked out of the coffeeshop door stopped and looked at them and lit a joint and they scarpered, just like that they were gone. The man walked away in the opposite direction. Thankfully I'll never know what would have happened if he hadn't come out. That is the closest I've ever been to any sort of trouble in somewhere around 15-20 trips to Amsterdam.
So anyway, in through the door to 't Ooievaartje. It doesn't seem to be any different to the descriptions in the posts above mine and the pigeons are still there so I won't bother putting the same descriptions (I think I've wrote enough already!). I asked for the menu and noticed the prices were a lot more reasonable than in Centrum. I wanted some hash so went for Twisla at 9Euro and a couple of grams of Gruis as a mixer for 10Euro. I went to the back room to see if there was space and it was empty! This place is obviously just a buy & fly for locals. I doubt to many stoners make the trip. There were loads of people around the counter just hanging out, mates with the budtender. As I asked him for a coke he smirked, said something to his mates and they all looked and giggled, but I got my coke and went and sat down anyway. Not the best way to be made to feel welcome. I was sat next to the pigeons, there was just a big sheet of perspex between us. Odd but kinda cool.
I rolled a joint with Twisla. Light brown in colour, hard but crumbles softly. Very nice hash with a strong flavour. The gruis/shake was good value too, 5E/g good little nugs and crumbs which still seemed fresh, lots of little stems and sticks in there to pick out first though.
I stayed for about an hour and smoked a few joints, I'd calmed down and stopped shaking soon after a couple of tokes and relaxed. I quite enjoyed being in there, the music was ok, can't remember any of it but remember thinking it was ok. I decided to buy some more gruis on the way out. The BT was a lot nicer this time. I made my purchase and on my way out he said "thanks for coming, see you next time" which ended it well.
I just missed a ferry so just sat by the river watching the boats go by, looking over at the city and the chaos within. got the next ferry and headed off to another coffeeshop. Couldn't tell you which one, haven't got a clue....the Twisla was strong!
This just turned into a mini trip report so...the end.

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Re: Ooievaartje

Post by Rich_Og » Thu 24th Jul 2014 11:41 am

Watch out if you go here (and avoid if you have a choice), after having a very strong feeling for a 2nd time in a row that the bud tender was screwing me, I decided to wait and not smoke until my friend could bring a scales to check the amount I got.....
I got .8 instead of a gram.

When I mentioned it to another friend he said he felt he was getting screwed too but never checked as he didn't have a scales...they have a weighing system that you can see on the till, but the bowl they put the product into is not transparent, so when they transfer into a bag they clearly throw some on the counter and some into the bag...as unless you're pretty tall you won't be able to see anything. Avoid like the plague, I know I'll be making the trip into Amsterdam from now on.

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Re: Ooievaartje

Post by gerishnikov » Fri 26th Aug 2016 07:38 am

We drove over and stayed in amsterdam noord last weekend, popped in to this place on the sunday morning before setting off.
Its a strange coffeeshop this one, was told no mobiles and only smoking in the back room. I didnt find it overly rude or unwelcoming just very to the point.
Was on a bit of a hash quest this time and got their lemon hash at 11e a gram and the amnesia hash at 13e a gram had a coke and sat down cant remember exactly how much it was but it was a can and seemed pretty cheap.
Had a joint of the lemon and it put me pretty sideways for a good while. Very soft but not overly sticky, easy to roll. Got the rest of it at home along with the yet untried amnesia hash. The lemon was the best of the trip so hopefully the amnesia is rocket fuel. When weighed at home the amnesia came in at 0.9g so underweight but im not too upset as it was cheap for amazing looking hash.
I would probably buy and fly here next time but i will be visiting again.
I'll pop a couple of pics up after ive had some sleep (nightshift)

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Re: Ooievaartje

Post by gerishnikov » Fri 26th Aug 2016 05:16 pm

Amnesia hash


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