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Re: Paradox

Post by ShakeTheBud » Fri 30th Dec 2016 09:28 am


Sampled the moby dick, awesome day starter to me. Taste, smell, effect just all perfect!

Chemdawg is really nice as well, worked for some pretty good fifa matches last night :mrgreen:

Service was the best i had in a very long time in amsterdam, budtender was kind and very respectful.

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Re: Paradox

Post by djgtp » Fri 6th Jan 2017 12:56 pm

Visited twice this week and was really impressed. Didn't spend a great deal but the Chemdawg I bought was a nice smoke. Also bought a Pure bio joint for the wife who said it was a bit harsher than others she'd tried.

There are 4 or 5 volcanos available to use. Just ask the bt for a fresh mouthpiece and away you go. Also noticed a load of (plastic) bongs available to use. All the BTs who served us were really helpful and polite. Menu not as extensive as in some places but not always a bad thing. Also like and appreciate the €5 bag option.

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Re: Paradox

Post by Haggdogg » Wed 11th Jan 2017 08:28 am

Visited here at the end of the year. My mate is a bit of a cake head at times, so we made a point of making it to paradox. Best cakes I've had in amsterdam. Definitely worth the trek going here if you like your cakes.

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Re: Paradox

Post by ftcarer » Thu 9th Mar 2017 09:01 pm

visited last Friday lunchtime , packed so didn't stay but , Dr G, Lemon Haze, Amnesia Haze all nice , Chemdog gave me a headache threw it away
Sending out the good vibes to those that need them right now :-)

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Re: Paradox

Post by LLMReb » Sun 30th Apr 2017 11:38 pm

Visited Paradox April 25th. I am going to start this review by stating that I really love Paradox. It is a favorite of mine. But this time, I'm hoping it was just a poor visit.

First, the weed was so dry. Man, it was crazy dry. In fact, I've never seen such dry weed in all my life, which is saying a hell of a lot b/c I've seen some really dry weed in my time. The Chemdawg was so dry that I could simply touch it and it would fall to pieces. They sell in those little bags, so I couldn't look at it or smell it first. I also bought Lemon Haze. It was equally as disappointing. Thankfully I only purchased small quantities. Had I bought more, I'd really be pissed. I found myself just trying to finish them so that I could smoke something else. The quality was too poor to even give away.

Second, the female BT was not her normal happy self. Last year I had such a great experience with her. She was so nice. This year, she was just ready for me to purchase and leave. Then, my bill was 16 E. So I gave her 21 E and wanted a 5 spot in return. Oh, hell no. She looked at me like I was an idiot. Since I'd been smoking all morning, I thought, "Maybe I gave her the wrong amount." Then I looked - nope, 21 E. I then felt the need to explain that I gave that extra 1 so that she could give me a 5 in return. She had an entire drawer of 5s after all. She replied, "Is not good, so you get coins." Dammit. And as if that were not enough, she then started chattering away in Dutch with 2 guys at the bar, and they looked at me and started laughing and chattering more.

What the hell do you do in that situation? Well, I can tell you what I did. I was in my typical stoner state and ready to purchase more stuff instead of get more coins in return. I also had recall that I came over here to get a slice of cake. Voting with my dollars, I opted to leave, purchase nothing more, and write this report.

As I stated to begin this post, my experiences here have always been very good. But the really, really dry weed and the chattering when all I wanted was a 5 E paper currency instead of more coins did combine to knock this shop down a peg or two.

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Re: Paradox

Post by private_press » Thu 23rd Nov 2017 11:46 pm

Quality CS here, picked up 2g of 'Kush' last week which was some of my favourite smoke of the trip! Now I'm not a 'cannaseur' by all means, however, I really enjoyed this indica. Wasn't a knockout strain, but had a lovely calming stone which was perfect for me to attempt to walk about the city with an injured back. Returned a day later to pick up 2g more of it. Both times, I received a prebagged, but perfectly trimmed bud.

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Re: Paradox

Post by FlyByNite » Sun 10th Dec 2017 11:56 pm

New menu for Paradox dated December 7, 2017. Kudos Dreaminjection. ... radox.html



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Re: Paradox

Post by deebzy75 » Tue 23rd Jan 2018 07:26 pm

always a good place,not the greatest weed but those 5 euro bags are good for a variety

last time (november 2017) ludo the owner was giving 20 or so people what seemed to be a cannabis tour which was a bit mad

the wash is always banging!!

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Re: Paradox

Post by DjShaggy » Sun 28th Jan 2018 06:00 pm

very welcoming owner & staff, pre-weighed bags but trustworthy, that 1.2 is actually 1.2!

i didnt see any finger hash before anyone asks haha

regarding the cake, people say its the best cake in the dam, other people say its not strong enough, both of those opinions are fact.

i have never found a cake in amsterdam that fully works, however i did eat 2 peices of paradox cake in the line for security at the airport. once on the plane i did notice myself feeling very tired and half asleep.
i dont think half a cake would have done the job for me.

will be returning to paradox, and will be getting 3 slices for the trip home next time!
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Re: Paradox

Post by FlyByNite » Tue 30th Jan 2018 02:53 am

New menu for Paradox Dated January 29, 2018. Thanks to Q. ... radox.html



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Re: Paradox

Post by The Stoned Shaman » Thu 1st Mar 2018 01:07 pm

Me and the other half tried a space cake each from here the other day and we found it tasty and strong. The effects lasted hours. Certain sounds such as trams were really standing out and the effects became quite trippy. Highly recommended. Probably best to eat half first and see how you get on unless seasoned to the effects. Each slice contains about 1 gram which is good compared to other places which contain less cannabis 👍

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Re: Paradox

Post by Xenos » Sat 3rd Mar 2018 01:18 am

1/3-1/2 of their cakes were enough to get me and my wife good and giggly. She definitely liked them more than smoking.

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Re: Paradox

Post by Dickinsonbeer » Fri 13th Apr 2018 10:03 am

Stopped in here to try that wappa as I had grown that strain last year and was really nice. 12/g pre bagged but got to choose the best with the single big nug.

Dense nug and a bit on the dryish side but the flavor and smell are nice lemon-lime soda and citrus zest. Vaped in the dynavap M. Hits pretty hard but not harsh at all. Very smooth. Moderate to strong stone and head high. Very chill overall. Great service here as always.

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Re: Paradox

Post by Kermit » Wed 9th May 2018 09:55 pm

Went twice for cakes, didn't try the weed or stay as just wanted cake and back into the sun. Tbh I found them extremely mild this trip, hope it's a phase or just a crappy batch.

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Re: Paradox

Post by accidentally » Thu 7th Jun 2018 01:50 pm

I was there last time I was in Amsterdam (last September I think), had the prerolled bio green, was a pleasant high, good value for 3€.

Very relaxed atmosphere, appreciated it being out of the more crowded and touristy areas. Also had a short chat with one of the locals. Will need to try the cake next time I'm in town.

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