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Post by SoulRider » Tue 7th Apr 2009 05:37 pm

ACD Page: Roxy (formerly Sheiva)

This is the topic for coffeeshop Sheiva.

Soon to be something different. They have just had a refit and in 10 days are getting a new name and menu. Just thought I'd get this up and running for anyone who has visited it. I will create these threads for each coffeeshop as I find them :)

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Post by geoffk » Tue 7th Apr 2009 06:04 pm

Cool another shop in De Pijp!

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Post by KUSH-D » Thu 9th Apr 2009 05:00 pm

Went a few years ago and from what i can recall it was a very good all round locals shop.

They had a very nice indian hash menu and some proper sativas.
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Post by Lemming » Thu 9th Apr 2009 06:01 pm

There’s no reviews of this shop on the main site if anyone would like to send me one.

See here for details on sending in reviews:

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Coffeeshop Roxy

Post by Ash333 » Thu 9th Sep 2010 02:49 pm

ACD Page: Roxy

Anyone know much about this? I'm interested in others opinions, having heard a whisper.

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Post by DeathRowRecords » Thu 9th Sep 2010 03:03 pm

Not much other than it's definitely open, as mentioned by Titus Wong in his recent epic travelogue mate.

Peep this, only review of the place I can find, which is a year old and translated from Spanish: ... =Translate
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Post by gapie » Thu 9th Sep 2010 10:48 pm

i been there twice
got there weed i thought it was ok
and the has was house hash it was alrite to
thus no go to ocean for the S5haze 20 euros 2.5 grams
and yeh we smoked before the maroc ice from katsu of BLEAK that was nice @ NES
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Poll: Roxy

Post by Smith2 » Sat 4th Aug 2012 05:52 pm

ACD page: (no reviews)

This was my first stop this trip, as I couldn't find Club Media (no idea why, as it was exactly where the map said it would be the next day when I came that way again). As I couldn't remember anyone saying anything about it, I passed it, then went back as I thought that it did advertise free internet, so I could use Google Maps to find CM. Also, I'd passed two coffeeshops already -- one I'd been into and liked, but wanted to try something new, and the other I don't fancy for some reason -- and it was getting on for a first smoke at elevenish.

Choice of weed OKish, hash less so, and of the few blond hashes on the menu only two were available anyway. Got a gram of very ordinary chocolope. I suspected, when I asked for a cappuccino and was asked if I wanted one with milk, that it wouldn't be one of my more enjoyable coffees, and it wasn't. And as I was the only customer in the shop and the one bloke working was on one of the two terminals, I didn't feel like sitting next to him and googling a better coffeeshop.

That's the problem. Why go here when Club Media's down the road, and de Graal a bit further with two computer terminals in more comfortable locations? Both have a menu that's miles better.

At least it's open earlier than the ACD page suggests: it says noon and 5pm on Sundays, but this was a Sunday and not yet 12.

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roxy coffeeshop

Post by andib » Wed 31st Oct 2012 11:04 pm

just stumbled across Roxy coffeshop..been walking all day with my girlfriend n i fancied a sit down and smoke before we headed back 2 our hotel this place is a little hidden gem, nice place with a good selection of weed and hash i 1st was goin 2 get sm amnisia s e €12 but he was out so went 4 white widow instead €8 g nice price n lovely smoke worth a try if u passin or want a nice local place away 4rm.all the madness...i will defo visit again and recommend it :D

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Re: roxy coffeeshop

Post by notsofasteddie » Thu 1st Nov 2012 01:15 am

It's located near Albert Cuyp Market?

Google Maps

I was close by and missed it. I'll pay closer attention next year!

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Re: Coffeeshop Roxy

Post by Occasional Bowl » Sun 18th Nov 2012 12:14 am

Roxy is not a bad little shop, local clientelle, friendly budtender. I don't recollect there being anything unusual on the menu but I bought some decent Amnesia Haze. A small smoking room so probably more of a buy and fly establishment. Worth another look next time in De Pijp.
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Re: Coffeeshop Roxy

Post by djsplatmat » Wed 23rd Jul 2014 01:40 am

I have just seen they won an award for hash, anyone been there lately?

peace x

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Re: Coffeeshop Roxy

Post by honestguy » Mon 1st Sep 2014 07:14 pm

dry haze took to here maybe g13 made not rites for bag. go back be fore media @ morning time. friend guy make happy for be servicce me

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Re: Coffeeshop Roxy

Post by monster420 » Wed 10th Aug 2016 08:07 pm

open again! :mrgreen:

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Re: Coffeeshop Roxy

Post by ZBeebs » Mon 20th Mar 2017 04:35 pm

Small locals shop. Friendly budtender. Small smoking room in back, 4 small tables, couch and wood chair seating.

Got a gram of gorilla glue #4. Smelled great in the container, strength is good. Only halfway through the joint and definitely feeling it after smoking all day.

Menu also has the block hashes. I got a pic, will share when I get home.

Edit : Manager just came over to ask how the gorilla glue is. First time that's happened in a coffeeshop for me.
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