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Re: Utopia

Post by MrSifter »

The cheese I was smoking from Utopia last weekend was up there with one of the best Cheese strains I have smoked. Had an awesome smell and lingering taste to it, kinda liquorish taste I thought. Even my 2 friends I was with enjoyed it that much they bought 5g of it to post home lol! The champagne haze was another great smoke, certainly no complaints from me and bought some more of it the next day I was Utopia.

Have to say that the service you get from both Inga and Nel (and also the staff at Voyagers) is second to none, such a pleasure to spend time in these coffeshops imo. And a big thanks to Inga for the directions to Noon coffeeshop as one of my friends wanted Blueberry and she kindly informed us where we could buy some :mrgreen:

Dave J
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Re: Utopia

Post by Dave J »

Champagne haze was and still is after 11 months still the stand out gear for me in Amsterdam last year, so unique in smell against anything else and taste was so smooth. Of cause each batch can be vastly different, but seems for the best part for most it's stayed some great gear.

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alpen rock
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Re: Utopia

Post by alpen rock »


Has someone tried the Nepalese Cream?

Dunno if it is the same stuff I had in was 10 EUR/grm back then.
Now I read 16EUR.
It was nice, clean liquorishy/peppery soft nepal.smooth Really pleasant smoke, but deffo not worth 16EUR...but µI maybe wrong.

If the higher price reflects the higher quality, then go for it, should be killer smoke...

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Re: Utopia

Post by Smith2 »

I had some in late May. It's not the stuff from last year, as far as I remember. Hard to handle, and not, for me, worth €16. YMMV.

Meant to say that I stopped in here again in early July. Unfortunately, I'd reached my limit for bud, given the reviews some of the strains have got. I'd intended to get a gram of gardela, but the caramella looked nicer, so I went for that. Top service from Nel and the gang as usual, top coffee, top shop. It'll be a shame if they have to close.

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Re: Utopia

Post by alpen rock »

Cheers fr yr answer Smith!

Wow, I just went thru the closing CS thread :shock:

That's not cool, even if that law had been discussed about long ago...truly hoping for a few relocations :( :( :( .


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Re: Utopia

Post by Wconnection »

Yestrday pick up buddha cheese :cry: not same batch and i find this one to be disappointing.,..... :cry:
The Kandy Kush is :) :) :) nice buds good taste and i like it all the way :D

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Re: Utopia, the best coffeeshop in Dam

Post by theslimy1 »

I can tell you one or more things about Coffeeshop Utopia!
It is BY FAR the best coffeeshop in Dam!
I can tell you this, through personal experience.
I have recently returned to the UK. however i lived in Amsterdam for nearly 9 months, and this place was my lifeline. Serious. the first day i arrived, myself and my friend Sam stumbled upon this beautiful place.
I was immediately welcomed by the best Bud tenders in Dam. I cannot thank them enough, Ingie, Nel, Jessica, and Sonia!!!!
The most polite, kind, courteous people, happy to answer any question I asked, a few months, and this became a good friendship, and i could not have asked for more support. Without them i would have been a lost young man trying to make his way in a very big and very different city. Of course this couldn't have been pulled off without the fantastic regulars, big shout out to stan, to owen, patrick, and all the other fantastic people i met there, i consider you a family away from home.
This Coffeeshop is bright and sunny, has a TOP QUALITY menu, well decorated (also an art gallery), beautiful coffee, and drinks selection, even some of the strongest cakes out there.
This is top of the list for any person visiting amsterdam for a TOP QUALITY SMOKING EXPERIENCE!

Thank you so much, all of you, take care.
I hope to be back in the near future.

Paul Heath-Smith

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Re: Utopia

Post by gapie »

:mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: glad u had a good time with us paul we miss ya in utopia
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Re: Utopia

Post by hasj »

The best service as ever at Utopia. The Citral is very nice. Not enough time spent here this trip I am afraid. I'm sure it won't be long before I am back. Met Mint in here, was good to meet you and your missus.
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Re: Utopia

Post by Smirks »

Top comments Paul, was nice to chill with you in Utopia on a couple of recent trips. If you're ever in London do drop by for a smoke. 8)

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Re: Utopia

Post by Black-King »

will be passing thru tonite I think, maybe I will even stay at the hotel too if its possible.

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Re: Utopia

Post by Nimrod »

Almost like an advert for Utopia... :mrgreen:

Nice comments, Paul. It was a pleasure to meet you and burn with you multiple times. Always a gentleman.

Btw, has anyone seen my postcard in Utopia?

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Re: Utopia

Post by Mint »

I love this place. I always get a warm welcome and I end up staying for hours waffling. The Gardella is a lovely smoke , clean and very smooth. The champagne haze is the one for me, a lovely and full of flavour. The misses loved it and we came in everyday so she could get a top up on that and feed her Chocomel addiction at the same time, must of driven Ingi & Sonia mad.

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Re: Utopia

Post by Spaldwickapeface »

I had been meaning to go to Grey Area but after seeing the que length I had second thoughts and headed over to Utopia. It was only a buy and fly this time but I do like to chill in Utopia as well. I walked in and looked at the menu but barley saw any of it as straight away I noticed the champaign haze €14 per gram, yes please I will have a gram of that, actually make it €20 worth. I wish I had bought more, this batch was just has good as the one I had last summer, I have been disappointed on my previous few visits that it had not been on the menu so was very happy to see it back. This was my favourite weed strain i smoked this trip and really warrents the name champaign, it tastes great and the effects are wowzers!! As good as anything the Grey Area has to offer and I did not have to stand looking at someone's back for half an hour.

Yes to Utopia and yes to the haze, I am hoping that it will still be about in September
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Re: Utopia

Post by GreenGhirl »

Back in Amsterdam on 16th September will be paying another visit!

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