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Re: Regine, Haarlem

Post by Terpy » Fri 6th Jul 2018 09:18 am

It's a Amsterdam Genetics shop now, don't know how long. Small shop more likely buy and fly.

Budtender was very helpful and made an honest service: I had a look on the Super Lemon Haze and it looked great.
Covered with trichomes and quite dense buds.
Then he told me that his reaction was the same at first as he saw it but after smoking it he would advise me against it.
He held a bud under my nose and asked if I would smell the "third undertone" because the taste would be like that.
And after closer look I must to agree with him there was a bitter smell so took the Vanilla Haze instead.
Also had the Diamond Block which was lovely, fudgy hash. Potent and tasty.

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