Family First (formerly Bushdocter Amstel)

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Family First (formerly Bushdocter Amstel)

Post by Jesscass » Sun 10th Jun 2018 12:08 pm

ACD page: Family First (formerly Bushdocter Amstel)

Thought there already was a thread, however.

Last week:

Been here before after take over and wanted to see if anything interesting is on. Mid-aged budtendress showed a couple of hashes and their blonde Champagne(13€/g)looked tempting. Bummer we didn't make it back here as we thought the other Bushdocter(Thorbeckeplein) is belonging to them as well which it clearly is not we inconveniently found out. Then next time, right?

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Re: Family First (formerly Bushdocter Amstel)

Post by Marok21 » Sun 17th Jun 2018 10:55 pm

I like that place but I asked to see their Ice O Lator (20€/g) but it didn´t looked really good to me... darker green bits skuff like... had a similar looking so called "Ice O Lator" from coffeeshop Slow Motion in Maastricht some years ago and I was pretty dissapointed by it. Well I didn´t tried Family Firsts version so I can´t say how it really is but be warned before blind buying it.

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