The Black Sea, Enschede

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The Black Sea, Enschede

Post by kingbee » Fri 19th Oct 2018 11:32 am

ACD Page: The Black Sea, Enschede

I visited Coffeeshop Black Sea in Enschede (on the east side of the Netherlands, on the border with Germany) several times in August 2018 and sampled a range of their wares. Upon entry to the shop via a narrow side street from the main town centre streets, there is a small dealer booth straight ahead of you and an entrance door to the main areas the left. However, you need to make a purchase at the dealer booth first, in order to gain entry to the main areas. There are about 10 varieties in total of bud and hash on the menu, around 5 of bud and 5 hashes.
Once through and into the main areas, there is a room downstairs with a coin-operated coffee machine (€1 drinks), a seating area and a bar-type area at the back, but with no drinks being served, but there are many (cleaned) glass bongs on the back shelf to borrow. The Moroccan owners also chill out here, along with the bud tender when he has no customers.
However, only pure bud is allowed to be smoked downstairs, and to smoke tobacco products or hash in a bong, it's necessary to go upstairs, where there are a number of seats in quite an opened up chill-out area.
- It does seem strange that they don't allow bongs to be smoked downstairs, and it's not like the public can see in from the street (so I'm not sure why that rule is in place here, but I borrowed a bong and used it upstairs for a while..)

The menu is relatively small, but they cover all bases and also had 'Haze Isolator' for 20€ a gram, but I didn't try that:

Bud: a good indica called Black Out Special (around 10€/g). The strength was there, to give a decent and relaxing indica stone, and it smoked reasonably well too. 7/10

Bud: a good sativa called Haagse Top (€12/g, if memory serves me correctly) - best smoked during the day due to its relatively-strong uplifting sativa effects. It also smoked reasonably well. 7.5/10

Hash: a blond Moroccan (can't remember the name, price around 10€/g) - good, quite strong, with euphoric, energetic and uplifting high, 8/10 --> rated at 8/10 also because I'm a fan of this type of hash, others may rate it 7-7.5 ;)

Hash: a dark Maroc, slightly more expensive than the blond hash if I remember rightly, at around €11/g - it's more of a hybrid high but still quite strong, also 7.5/10

- I ended up mixing it with the blond hash and smoking it upstairs in their bongs - this resulted in a powerful and satisfying high :)

Overall a recommended shop, for somewhere to chill, the bud and hash were of pretty-good quality, and the drinks were well-priced at only 1€ each ;)

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