De Stichting (Patientenbelangen Medicinale Marihuana) - Rotterdam

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De Stichting (Patientenbelangen Medicinale Marihuana) - Rotterdam

Post by ShivaSkunk »

ACD Page: De Stichting, Rotterdam

Hi all,

I recently made an account in order to talk about my experiences with the herb of the gods. I also had to make a topic for this coffeeshop, called: "de stichting".

The coffeeshop is in the center of the city, in one of the booming neighborhoods: Blijdorp. It is close to the zoo and the neighborhood is very nice. It is the first coffeeshop I have ever been to, which was in my opinion a good choice. I remember buying a Sugar haze pre rolled pure joint and was helped nicely with some little advise for first time smokers. I immediately loved the ganja and went there multiple times. The second time I went there and I asked for five grams of what the budtender would advise for a beginner smoker. He sold me for 50eu: Blueberry (kush?), Strawberry (kush?), Silver kush, White Fire and Shiva Skunk. from this selection of weed I loved Shiva Skunk the most, hence my name. I eventually bought Sensi Shiva Skunk Seeds and I am currently enjoying my home grown Shiva Skunk, but that's another story. The White Fire was also a very nice strain. All the prices are ranged from lets say 8eu untill 13? But if you buy 5 grams they will sell it for 50 bucks anyway, which I find a good deal. Especially when you know that a lot of strains there are organic, at least all the hazes are. And I trust them, obviously thanks to our government we will never have certificates of organic grown weed, but the strains always look good at 'De Stichting'.

What else about this coffeeshop? Well, it can be a bit busy, with only one budtender behind a glass wall. They don't seem to be rushed and are very relaxed, however when there is a line, I feel rushed. I always like to chat about weed and ask questions, but when there is a line behind me I'd rather not. The place itself is nice, with a lot of pictures and statues of buddha's and whatever, it suits the shop very nicely. I think they also sell bongs and necklaces which are a bit alternative and guru-like. Which is in my opinion also very nice. The thing that is less nice of de Stichting is that they don't always give 1gr. Their stuff that they always have: Kierewiet, Rotterdam, Amnesia, Shiva Skunk and Santa Maria always have 1gram or even more pre-packed. However more rare stuff are in between 0,8 till 1gr. In Dutch I would say: "ik zie het door de vingers".

Back to the most important part of the discussion: the weed. So what have I tried from de Stichting? Well here is a list and I will give a small rating, I don't give a way 10's, because there is always room for progress I think. I also need to mention that I vape my weed with the Crafty:

Shiva Skunk (9/10), does not need any more introduction from my part.
Amnesia (8,5/10), lately I had a little dry Amnesia bud, however it still makes my brain go to the moon and back. I love how cerebral this high is.
Blueberry (kush?) (7/10), got me high well.
Strawberry (kush?) (7/10), got me high well.
Sugar haze (8,5), a special rating for the first weed I tried, very cerebral but also very relaxing and giggly.
Silver kush (7,5), good relaxing kush.
Kierewiet (7), not bad, not special, nice price.
Orange bud (7)
Gelato (7,5), expected something more, but nevertheless a very good bud.
Santa Maria (7,5), very nice smoke, uplifting but also relaxed.
Cheese (8), got very sedative and relaxed, full body stoned.
Bubblegum (7).
Critical haze (7,5).
Rotterdam(mert?) (8), very smooth weed, good stufffff!
Crystal White Widow (8), if you wanna make a friend high that hasn't been smoking for a long time or is a beginner, I definitely recommend you to give him this strain, you cannot go wrong, easiest smoker I have ever had.
Pineapple Kush (6), did not make me high enough, I once heard there is a high CBD Pineapple Kush, maybe it was that strain? I don't know...
White fire (8), poahh, nice.
White fire OG Kush (9), effects were close to a home bred weed. I was amazed how hard I was going on that stuff.

I also need to mention that some strains I had were from a year ago. So my memory isn't that bright anymore. All I know for sure is that all the weed was nice.

How does the shop compare to other stores? I have been to Sensi Smile Rotterdam, a government weed store in Montreal CA, The Dampkring Amsterdam and Katsu Amsterdam. I think they all had good weed, but I could argue that de Stichting is one of the best I know.

I won't be going to De Stichting frequently nowadays because I moved to another province due to my University where I now started studying. However I will visit it again when my stack of homegrown Shiva Skunk is empty, which will be pretty soon I guess. :(

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