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Homegrown Fantasy

Post by Lemming » Sat 19th Mar 2005 12:10 pm

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ACD page: https://www.coffeeshopdirect.com/Homegrown.html
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Post by tool175 » Sat 19th Mar 2005 12:44 pm

Without a doubt one of my favorite coffeshops, the weed is good, but the service and friendliness of the staff is great, last summer I stopped in there at least once a day, there was a tall girl and thin weed guy that were always chatty and helpful. I mostly smoked what ever they reccomended that day and was never unimpressed with the goods. My friend ate one of thier spacecakes and it kicked her ass. This shop is a 9/10 in my book, the only way it could have been better is if I had hooked up with the girl working there.
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Post by Boner » Thu 7th Apr 2005 12:10 am

I love Homegrown Fantasy and the wife likes it too (and seeing as she's a non smoker thats a bonus) - quality budz and quality tunes everytime I've been!
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Post by Rici » Fri 29th Apr 2005 09:36 pm

I think Homegrown Fantasy is one of the best. Greeeat weed and a great atmosphere. Everytime I go to Amsterdam its my first stop.

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Post by scooberu » Sat 30th Apr 2005 08:03 pm

love this place. the weed here is first rate. last time I was there I tried eclipse, northen lights, blue haze, silver pearl, ak 47(i think).
only complaint is that i asked dealer for cheese to be told that a batch would be ready in 3 weeks. came back to the dam precisely 3 weeks later to be told by a different dealer that he had no cheese and didn't know when any would be in. very annoying.
plan on working my way through their hash menu next time

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Post by pad » Fri 27th May 2005 08:44 pm

I know "Cheese" is a good weed but i'm never try this coffee i think test it nex month... have you got an advice about Cheese ?
jul, kev, stev from france

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Post by Boner » Fri 27th May 2005 10:52 pm

pad wrote:I know "Cheese" is a good weed but i'm never try this coffee i think test it nex month... have you got an advice about Cheese ?
Homegrown Fantasy dont do the 'Cheese' anymore but you can get some from Bluebird under the name 'Blue Cheese'
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Post by BW Indians » Fri 24th Jun 2005 12:54 pm

Another good CS....it's worth visiting it only to see the strange toilette...last time i went there i was a little upset by the Durban Poison...it wasn't a great deal....
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Post by commie » Tue 28th Jun 2005 10:48 pm

Nice little shop. Good weed. It feels like a hippy coffee-shop in a college town. It seems like a good place to read a book.
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Post by GreekSheik » Sat 2nd Jul 2005 02:24 am

I was grossly displeased with HGF. The shop itself was pretty nice and I liked the atmosphere, but the weed left a lot to be desired. A group of 7 of us visited and tried all the buds on the menu. They were all very poor smokes. The buds were all broken up, very dry and the trichomes appeared to be "Shaken" off all of them. In fact it appeared as if a few the buds were from the same plant, but labelled with different names. I only visited once, so it may have just been a bad day, but sice Grey Area and Amnesia( My favorite shop) are right around the corner I really didn't have the desire to give them a second chance.

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Post by pad » Sat 2nd Jul 2005 10:06 pm

When we are in HGF the shop was in work to have new design. We smoke outdoor two strains was Blue Haze & Lavender.

Great strains nice quality, but i can't say anything else about this shop !
jul, kev, stev from france

lk ultra
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Post by lk ultra » Sun 14th Aug 2005 10:38 pm

Lovely, friendly, chilled place to while away the afternoon smoking a phatty, but I go along with a few other posters above in not being overly impressed with their smoke.

Be interested to hear about the new layout / paint job - anyone able to report?
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Homegrown Fantasy

Post by Firefly315 » Wed 24th Aug 2005 08:06 am

I really enjoyed my smoke at Homegrown Fantasy. Their bud is great --- I had Blue Haze which kept me high for a long time. It made me really appriciate the quality smoke in Amsterdam even more :D. Ever since I started to plan my trip to the dam I definately planned to make a stop in their great shop. I thought it would be bigger and maybe have a few more colors on the walls, but I enjoyed the music they played, and the service was good. :wink: I will definately be back next time!

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Re: Homegrown Fantasy

Post by Valo » Wed 24th Aug 2005 10:28 am

Firefly315 wrote:I really enjoyed my smoke at Homegrown Fantasy. I thought it would be bigger and maybe have a few more colors on the walls
They were decorating this place at the start if june when I was over, so never got to sample any of the shops goods - but I guess the whitewash walls were not the undercover but the final coat!!

Still I hope to make a buy and fly next time around.
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Post by woody » Tue 25th Oct 2005 08:58 pm

First coffeshop we hit after throwing the bags in the hotel,grabbed some coffees and some northern lights....wow,nice warm high 8) ..from that moment on i couldnt stay away from the place,visited about 4 times and tried the AK-47,Flashback,and somthing else??cant remember :lol: ,but needless to say thet were all very nice and all the were staff cool, polite,and knew there smoke.

Had a very nice chilled out friday night in there with a mate,just doing nothing,then grabbed a taxi bike back to the hotel as we were way to fooked to walk......check out the bog :shock:

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