Coffeeshop Caza (Tilburg)

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Coffeeshop Caza (Tilburg)

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ACD Page: Caza, Tilburg

Second time for me here. They are finished with their renovation and the new place looks ten times better than before. Well with Covid it´s still a buy and fly place but compared to the old look which was like a rundown livingroom I like it much more now. I heard over the last months pretty good things about their hash so I had to try it out :D

Their hash menu was like: Afghaan, Gorilla Glue hash (11€/g), Caza Diamond (15€/g) and Caramello Tidghine (16€/g)

I tried all of their hashes except the Afghan hash and I am very happy with what I got. Well the prices for the classic hashes are pretty high :shock: like in many coffeeshops at the moment but the quality here was really nice and were some of the best moroccan that I found this year so far.
At first I didn´t wanted to try all their hashes but Coffeeshop Africa and De Muze were closed so I went back which was no bad idea :D

Diamond Caza (15€/g) - My first impression when the budtender showed me the hash was that it looks like quality moroccan hash :mrgreen: very nice texture and brighter than the "Caramello Tidghine". The hash is a bit harder but with a bit of handwarmth it gets soft pretty fast. It had a very pleasent classic moroccan hashy smell/taste. The hash bubbles strong when touched by the flame smokes smooth and gave me a strong well balanced effect :mrgreen:

Tidghine Caramello (16€/g) - As with the Diamond from the first look I knew that this should be quality moroccan hash :mrgreen: Compared to the "Diamond" it´s creamier and darker from the outside while it´s bright from the inside... bubbles very strong when touched by the flame, too. Reminds also more of a nice classic maroccan with authentic smell/taste. From effect maybe a bit more on the stony side than the "Diamond" and gave me a nice smooth stoned.

Gorilla Glue hash (11€/g) - Very blonde crumbly dry made hash with a good oil content. The hash had a pleasent natural fruity smell of the used genetics. The hash bubbles good when touched by the flame and the effect is also stronger than I thought. I expected an uplifting hash from the look but as said before it´s kind of strong with an effect on the body, too.

Overall pretty good quality here. While with 15€ and 16€ a gram their trad. moroccans are pretty expensive but compared to the stuff I saw in the last months this two are really in the top league. Still very hard to pay that prices but here I got something that I really liked and I am not dissapointed. The Gorilla Glue hash was also spot on and a real surprise.

Well I don´t know if the quality is constant here but I will check that coffeeshop out more in the future for sure.

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