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Easy Times

Post by Valo »

ACD page: https://www.coffeeshopdirect.com/EasyTimes.html

Quite a large shop inside and has a small but good quality menu. Being a reggae themed coffeeshop you can expect loud dub-reggae from the speakers in the back and when I went they were playing an English football match on a large screen.

I generally like the darker, slower going, mellow coffeeshops at night time so this place is always high on my list of favourites.

They also had internet PC's but I heard they are a little pricey here but I have never used them ~ but there drinks were nice and average price for a coffeeshop.

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Post by Tugboat »

Didn't go in first time I saw it as there were about 10 Rastafarian dudes out front they may have been cool, but my wife said NO way. so we went in the internet cafe next door, decent place, friendly. I did go to the Easy Times the next morning, cool place some good music, maybe a better early spot before the local crowd takes over. had some good White Widow in a pre-rolled joint. I am sure it was mixed with tobacco, but for 3.5 Euro it made me feel real mellow.
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Easy Times

Post by goosh »

Went here at kickout time on a saturday night. Definitely not an easy time. As we approached there must have been 30 people outside and I was the only white guy there. My friend went in to buy some Shiva (a little throaty but nice), and as we left I felt in my back pocket and my wallet and passport were missing. The police were standing there the whole time, but nobody could tell who did it (and I got some evil looks for talking to the police there). I'd recommend to give this one a miss unless it's in the daytime.
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Post by nytvd »

In this day and age who walks around with a passport and wallet in their back pocket? :shock:

Sorry to hear about your mishap...
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Easy Cheesy Weedy Times

Post by Ace »

Easy Times quickly became a favourite coffeeshop on my holiday last weekend gone. The owner Malac was really friendly and really motivated. He spent alot of time talking about how how loves to work with his hands and express himself to inspire others. He even kept doing funny exercises and dancing infront of everyone and it was really good as people enjoyed it and even joined him. The lovely budtender girl Vicky was also really friendly and talkative and kept giving me free cigarettes and drinks as id run outta money on my last day. The whole place was really clean and the weed was top notch. My favourite weed had to be the "cheese". Boy was that stuff strong and stinky. The owner also gave me a really cool chillum as a goodbye gift that he also signed "EZT" on. Its funny because the post on the main review page that refers to the girl who had her drinked spiked is a load of bull. When I was chatting to the owner I asked if he had ever had much trouble, he told me that he'd had nothing in 10 years except about some girl who came into Easy Times in January complaining she had had her drink spiked else where in some alcohol bar and then thought it would be ok to smoke aload of weed. He ended up having to carry her out and clean up the puke. Anyhoo back to the good stuff. So yeah they have volcano vaporizers too that you can use for free and boy are they good. Also the seating is great as you can sit lots of people in a circle and smoke and everyone is comfy as all the seats are padded and have good back support. Which made a refreshing change as i found that most coffeeshops didnt want people to get too comfy and on the whole seemed to provide hard bare chairs with no back support. Also most coffeeshops don't allow you to smoke tobacco or make videos and take photos but as the owner said " This is Easy Times, do whatever and be happy!" Hopefully if i can scrape the money together il be back to amsterdam again soon and Easy Times will be my first port of call.

Go there its great! Oh and don't forget to try the cheese weed lol

I have some videos i took on my phone so be sure to check out my youtube channel to see them and the pictures i took too



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Post by the gardener »

I went back to easy times on my last visit to dam. hadnt been for ages and was surprised to find it all changed. wow. fantastic. one of the cleanest coffee shops ive been in, comfy seating, internet, friendly staff and yeah that cheese is something else!!! called in every day after id refound it, cup of tea and a fat spliff sat outside watching the world go by every morning. would highly recommend this place. well done to new owners for creating such a place 10/10. :D :D
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Post by Puffin13 »

Thank you for the updates, Ace & the gardener. Sounds like I need to re-visit EZT again. Last time I was there I didnt feel very welcome but it sounds like that might have changed. Peace.
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Post by Adarling »

I liked easy times, didnt buy any weed but the menu looked good, had a chocomel and jammed, nice atmosphere, had footy on the tv. good all round
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Post by Lion King »

One of the only reggae themed coffeeshops that actually play reggae music. Do they still have selecters spinning tunes in the weekends??
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Post by ReeferBen »

When I was there March 09' I liked it a lot as well. I made several trips there. This was one of the few shops the budtender suggestions were good, and the budtender was very friendly and welcoming. I had amnesia haze, cheese, and some others there. The cheese was the budtenders recomendation. After showing me some pail of weed she put it close to the edge of the counter then bumped it off and all the weed scattered all over behind the counter. I could tell that made her nervous as she cleaned up super fast looking out for the owner. When I was there they were playing soccer games on the tv mostly and blasting dance type music. The seating though was great and comfortable. Although they had a roof leak they were able to rope it off and kept it cleaned up. I liked it I think so much because it was comfortable, not as packed being further from a lot of the other shops with lots of open seating.
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Post by bavlondon »

This place is definitely on my to try place for leidsplein.
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Post by KingBlueSlims »

Pretty cool place, although the female budtender just reccomended the pricest buds as the best, so i just went for some classic AK47 to compare to the stuff back at home. Comfy seating and some flat screen's to watch the footy on. I also left my phone there and upon returning the next day the owner kindly returned it to me which is something :) Overall i'd give this place a 7/10.
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Post by bavlondon »

How do I get to the Leidesplein from the centrum? Tram? Anyone know which trams go there?

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Post by DazedandConfusedinOR »

Trams 1, 2, and 5 go to/from Central Station and Leidseplein. Or you can walk it in about 30 minutes.
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Post by Bob2 »

Dam Square - Easy Times...

and a very helpful tram map(worth a print)... http://www.gvb.nl/reizigers/toegankelij ... tdec06.pdf
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