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Re: Yanks in Zandvoort

Post by BongHug82 » Tue 16th May 2017 11:15 am

When I visited last summer they were half way through a refurb so the interior was mainly stepladders and curtains hanging everywhere. Really impressed with how it stands now and good to see the outdoor smoking area hasn't changed. Really cool interior and friendly budtender took time to show us everything.

White widow was outstanding at €10 a gram. Listed on the menu as a locals favourite and I can see why. Perfectly flushed and dripping in crystals. Classic earthy flavour profile and really strong stone that gave me serious 'sandlock' down at the beach. Went back for more before jumping on the train back to Centraal. Best value flower of the week.

Also tried the Banana strawberry (crickets banana Kush x bubblegum) which was decent. Very pretty to look at but flavour was a bit bland. Just tasted like an average bubblegum to me. Effects were also nowhere near as powerful as the white widow.

Champagne hash was budtenders recommendation when I asked for something with classic Maroc profile. BT mentioned he prefers classic flavour over the new school hashes and this was the one he was smoking. 9€ per gram I think. True to his word it's a very nice bit of hash. Nice mellow stone and chocolatey coffee flavour.

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Re: Yanks in Zandvoort

Post by Buffalostints » Tue 6th Jun 2017 10:15 pm

24k Tangie 8/10 tastey
Mr Nice 7/10 nice taste
Champagne (hash) very smooth sticky brown bud tenders recommendation 8/10

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Re: Yanks in Zandvoort

Post by mowie » Mon 19th Feb 2018 08:12 pm


"amnesia haze yanks #1" (12€ or 12,50€ already forgot :mrgreen:) - trich covered, good grown, only fat buds in the tub , epic fresh haze-y and slighty lemony smell, 30€ please
excellent product, clean smoke, despite only undertones of it in the smell the first 5-6 hits of the joint tasted just like lemon candy - very impressive, taste got more haze-y towards the end, some peppery notes as well
solid strong amnesia high, though not the strongest haze I have smoked

last summer I bought some haze (think it was amnesia too or lemon, ~12€/g) on recommendation of the budtender, I don't remember details but it was really really good too.

budtenders are usually very friendly guys who seem to know a bit about the product and give honest recommendations. today the budtender seemed to just have downed a whole bottle of thc syrup though :mrgreen:

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Re: Yanks in Zandvoort

Post by TwoCanucks » Fri 12th Oct 2018 02:03 pm

Still an amazing set up and hangout, patio is nice even in colder windy days. only had the WW WAS 11e i believe but could be misremembered.

top strains from Cali 45e/gram... we laughed and laughed and laughed as the youngsters happily handed over 100e bills. shame
Amsterdam dreaming.............

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Re: Yanks in Zandvoort

Post by Frankie_cheeseboy ;) » Fri 12th Oct 2018 03:07 pm

Came here a couple of weeks ago, first impression was really good. I liked the large interior and the layout made me think of some trendy steakhouse/restaurant. The menu had a decent selection of strains. I ended up swerving the Cali list , deciding on 1g of Super Lemon Haze (about 12€) and 1g of Girl Scout Cookies (12-14€). After getting a mango Looza from the drinks counter I sat n smoked for a bit trying my new buys. Before leaving I got a small bong for 6€ as I already had some hash that I was dying to try through a pipe or bong but didn't wanna pay a stupid amount of money for as it would just be to use on the trip. Anyway this did just the job! :) If I ever get round to visiting Zandvoort again I'm deffo coming back here.

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