Dry in the land of Thai

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Re: Dry in the land of Thai

Post by treetop » Wed 26th Oct 2011 03:54 pm

In Pattaya just go to the beach near the Hard Rock hotel after sundown and walk North. There are usually sellers. Be vigilant and discreet as there are often people about. On 'Walking St' there is an alley just past 'Hot Tuna' bar (the one with the live bands) where a seller lurks at the entrance. Most likely the seller on Walking st is safer and more expensive because he has to be paying someone off to work there. The sellers on the beach are shady looking but lower prices. Expect to pay 200-500 baht for 1g depending on your negotiating skills.

On failing all of the above just ask a motorcycle taxi driver anywhere in the country and you will get sorted allbeit not getting the best deal. I don't smoke out there due to the weed being crap for the most part. Occasionally you might get some good stuff but mainly it is not worth bothering.
Chiang Mai looks to have a 'scene' and may be a better bet. Lovely city too.

How much did you produce?

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Re: Dry in the land of Thai

Post by Adamster » Sun 6th Nov 2011 03:26 pm

Simple... Soi 26-33 area just ask around make sure aint a cop your asking to...also ask other travellers who just came from india ――its how i got mine paid 100bah for about 6-7grams :twisted: guy was leaving to go back to australia (lucky moi)
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Re: Dry in the land of Thai

Post by cannabistourist » Thu 25th Sep 2014 12:37 am


Any update about Thailand situation now ?

Thank you.

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