House passes cannabis decriminalisation

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House passes cannabis decriminalisation

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House passes cannabis decriminalisation

Owain Johnston-Barnes, Lisa Simpson
Published May 19, 2017


Legislation decriminalising up to 7 grams of cannabis was passed unanimously in the House of Assembly tonight.

If approved by the Senate and the Governor, the legislation will come into effect on June 30.

The Opposition bill, tabled by shadow Attorney-General Michael Scott, received support from both sides of the House, although some expressed concern over possible “unintended consequences”.

Delivering his brief, Mr Scott said the Misuse of Drugs (Decriminalisation of Cannabis) Amendment Act 2017 aimed to help prevent Bermudians, particularly young black males, from suffering the long-term consequences of a drugs conviction, including placement on the US “stop list”.

However, the Director of Public Prosecutions could still charge those caught with less than 7 grams of cannabis if there is evidence of intent to supply.


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