A post with mixed emotions...

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A post with mixed emotions...

Post by Rez »

Hi all,

Sadly I have to report the death of my Nan.

Last night shortly before midnight my (91 year old) Nanny (name removed) slipped away quietly. After 5 weeks of being almost there, she is now finally with her creator.

She was the youngest of 14 children... born, bread and lived a bloody hard life in London's East End.

This was my Dad's mum and her husband died at the age of 41 in 1954 when my Dad was just 9 years old, she has lived alone ever since.

Thankfully, she had a "good innings" and for all the good times, I have fond memories. :)

... It's just something I wanted to share.

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Carla 4/21/2009

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Post by Stygian23 »

Sorry to hear that, Rez. I know how you feel though, I just passed the one year anniversary of my last grandparent's death (also my grandmother). Part of you is pretty tore up she is gone, but a part of you is happy she is with the people she loves and missed for years, not to mention the cessation of any pain they might have been in. Comforts.
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Post by Twitch »

Sorry to hear about you grandmother. Hope things are o.k. It's rough losing a family member.
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Post by Redeye »

Condolences Rez!

Its not something I have had too much experience with but I am sure it cant be easy.
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Post by Boner »

Condolences mate, I'll upload a song for you in a couple of mins....

Here you go mate Link its called 'Nan's Song' by Robbie Williams, I lost my brother a few years ago and when I hear this song it brings a smile to the face and a tear to the eye.

(the song itself is only the first 3 mins something, but on the album its linked to some crap after it so just listen to the first 3 and a half mins)
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Post by mazdog »


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Post by jenhen »

Very sorry to hear of your loss - condolences to you and your family :(

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Post by sonicblue »

Peace and Love to you and yours - Rez.

I too know now you feel. I lost both my parents 4 years ago. I felt sad that they were gone, relieved that their suffering is over and confused about life in general.

Now, I accept that all things begin and end in eternity. I focus on the good and shut out the negative the best I can - I believe this to be one of the secrets of life.
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Post by Rez »

Hi all,

Thank you so much for your kind words... Boner, I'm downloading as we speak, will get back to you.

Sadly, death is the one thing in life that you are garunteed... time is a healer along with lots of positive thoughts.

Just home from my parents where a few laughs were had and a few tears were shed... Now it's time for a feed, a toke and a glass of something cold and intoxicating.

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Carla 4/21/2009

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Dj Smokey
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Post by Dj Smokey »

my condolences rez. a brew, a j, and a smile about all the good times should help clear up your day. remember the bad, but never forget the good. peace to you.
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Post by Doog »

Yeah tough break Rez :cry:

I know your Nan had been ill for some time (I remember you telling me in a previous post or pm) so I suppose it was pretty much inevitable.

I suppose it makes the grief easier to manage when you can see it coming. I have experienced a couple of sudden deaths and believe me you don't want to go through those very often. At the time you don't really feel anything but it really comes back on you after a while and I personally tend to go a bit bill bixby.

Hopefully you'll get through it soon.

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Post by Epsilon »

There's something about Grandmothers,or nans or meemaws or whatever one calls them ...Sorry you lost yours Rez ...but I'm sure you were a bright spot in her life.

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Thoughts on a difficult subject…

Post by SoenderbronX_DK »

Before I get into this and lose myself; Rez, I’m sorry for your loss m8, although it is of little consequence I also can relate all to well (sadly my fathers brother passed away suddenly before Christmas and he was very close and one of the last of a dwindling family. I, also, lost a childhood friend very suddenly last summer after not having talked to him in all too long a time).

These thinks always seem to get me thinking deeply, which by no means is a great discovery, but none the less, I am inspired to share my current line of thought and hope that it, at the very least, will prove interesting reading, and perhaps even be of some comfort.

Death is always a reminder to all of us. A reminder of, as Rez himself put it, that death is the only inevitable conclusion to all of our (hopefully) happy existence. However, it also reminds of what we are without, and in that way helps us appreciate it all the more. In this way we love the things dear to us even more, knowing that, at least in our perspective, all things end, that things that can be lost are worth keeping safe and appreciating.

(Just took another hit, sorry for the timing, but perhaps things will slide a bit from here on; read at your leisure)

As someone has noted elsewhere on this forum we are quite a diverse flock in here, so to speak. Therefore it is more than likely that this forum includes people of (different) faith(s), people who worship science and perhaps even those who just worship the holy leaf. It, however, strikes me that no matter what your devotion there is at least the distinct, and paradoxal, commonality of eternity coupled with a concept of a beginning and end. Christians, Muslims etc. believe in death followed by an afterlife, people believing in reincarnation even (in most cases and as far as I am informed anyways) see these incarnations as some form of journey towards some end. A scientist would know and recognize that everything on earth, including man, originates in the stars and will eventually return there (also that the universe is eternal and never ending). It is my belief that, whether one returns to the stars, sits a the foot of ones god/deity or forever pot-naps, something of everything (meaning also you and me) lives on, both in the fond memories of those who love and remember you, and in the very existence and nature of the universe, devotions disregarded.

“I will not say: “Cry not!”, for not all tears are evil”

John R. R. Tolkien

“Celebrate we will, ‘cus life is short but sweet for certain”

Dave Matthews

Once again, I’m sorry for your loss Rez, but hopefully it will all, in the end, contribute to your “trip” through this wonderful, confusing, strange and fantastic thing we call our lives.

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Post by Rez »

An inspiring piece, thank you...

As you said, we all have different views, faiths, beliefs and opinions. I am (hopefully) only part way through my journey, one which I refer to as my Book. My Book has many chapters which flow between drama, horror, romance, happiness, loss and grief... My nanny was an old lady, she never moaned or complained. She had very little and her life was very simple. Her Book also had many chapters and some of those included me. For that I am eternally thankful.

With regard to my faith, I'm scepticle... I would like to believe in something of a religeous theme but being that I am a frim believer in fate and all things real (physical as opposed to spiritual)... I will reserve my judgment until either something happens during my life that PROVES that there is more to life than the physical side OR when the time comes for my Book to end and I go to a place where my miniscule belief is confirmed...

Until then, I'll still be me.

"I laughed so hard I nearly had a whitey"

Carla 4/21/2009

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Re: A post with mixed emotions...

Post by OneHighMofo »

Sunderland. I’m going to make this clear. We’ve put up with your bullshit for long enough.
But now you’ve crossed the line. You are standing on the grief of our comrades in order to advertise your ridiculous products.
So I’m going to put this bluntly.
Fuck off.
Thank you

Lem: Please feel free to delete this post.

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