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Anyone for politics, religion, other taboo subjects?

If you want to talk about anything not related to the Netherlands or soft drugs, please create a topic here.

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I got this nice tattoo last time I was there at a place in the rld called hannkee pankee tattoo its one of them poles with the 3 x's on em and sheld with 3 x's and it says amsterdam at the bottom

oh wait

you said taboo


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Old Hippie Dave wrote:I got this nice tattoo last time I was there at a place in the rld called hannkee pankee tattoo its one of them poles with the 3 x's on em and sheld with 3 x's and it says amsterdam at the bottom

oh wait

you said taboo


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suffering people in the USA

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The whole damn thing is whacked (MMJ LAWS). There are a few states that allow mmj to be grown in their state. With rules that hinder you and your health. I live in Nevada where I can have up to 7 plants 3 flowering and 4 veg. then one oz of dried mmj. I've been trying this for 4 years now and con not keep myself in mmj to help with my problems after an electrocution of 480 volts.
I've tried so many different ways of spacing them out so I have a perpetual crop, but I keep being shot down by the males and quality of my beans. It seems that everything is good and then devastation.
I have had some gooooooooooood chit man that helped so much. There I am not knowing what I had and where to find more of those beans to make my life more pleasant or at least less painful!
Last week I had to go to my Dr's. and ask to up my meds, what a pain in the ass!! He seemed perturbed that I was even there, then wouldn't help even when I told him that all my plants were dead and they are. Hench the reason I am there. The prick wanted to put me back on meds that have not worked in the past, around and around we go. Thats when I said enough and stood and blocked the door, then proceeded to let him have it with words. I know not such a good move but all the years have taken a toll on the DR'S they all seem to want to get rid of me or just fed me narcotics till I can not function and fall asleep when driving!!
To my point, The laws here hurt the persons in need of help genuine help!! I can not tolerate the narcotics, I have no idea why and they have never helped out as much as the mmj. "I MEAN EVER"
Now I find out that no more smoking if i want to live, I have no friends that do the mmj and it is so hard for me to cope without mmj. Having to rely on the prescribed meds is depressing at best.
I feel that the USA needs to embrace the god given substance and help those in need, not just me but everyone who actually benefits from the plant. I am one of these people that pays taxes, abides by the laws and above all is in constant agony!!!!!!!!!!!!.
1.Acquiring beans
2.adequate information, all aspects of the plant
3.Drop the yearly fee of 150.00. What is this for anyways?
4.Qualified persons in the mmj dept at the state level.
5.Some type of help for those in need, teaching grow tech. all aspects.
6.Rewrite the laws to fit every state equally, so a patient with a doctor in another state will be able to get the meds he or she needs to live a pain free as possible day. Like myself, brain surgeon is in San Francisco and it was horrible to go there with no mmj!! :? :( .
7.educate the USA about medical marijuana!!!
Just a little note to whom ever
being thankful will change everything

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Re: Introduction

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Hello Lemming and Balou.
I asked about you(where you were) in another post and somebody called Kermit gave me a hard time just for asking. I hope you're both well and miss talking with you. Is Balou living in Amsterdam yet? I Googled his name and was surprised to be taken to the Balou coffeeshop.
It must be a kick to have a(great-sounding) coffeeshop with your name to visit, if the Balou here isn't its owner! That'd be even cooler and the first coffeeshop I'd like to try out when I get there.
tutorjb1 - JB :wink;-)

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