the future of visual content

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the future of visual content

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where are we headed when it comes to things we watch on a screen ? we went from analog to digital to hd to full hd to ultra hd 4k whtas next we are already at a point where it is better than what a normal eye can see....

remember as a kid we where told not to sit to close to the tv it is bad for our eyes much time do we spend looking at screens in general these days for several reasons and one of the big hype´s today is still virtual reality so a screen as close as possible to youre eyes than anything ever before...... anyone still telling ya get away from the screen?

how are they gonna top this 3d came and kinda faded sure they will keep dripfeeding us technic and saying new and better than before but i wonder whats the ultimate than will it stop at some point because it cannot get any better .....?

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