Best portable vape for Hash?

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Best portable vape for Hash?

Post by Kenshiro » Sat 29th Apr 2017 08:32 pm

Since quitting tobacco and combustion I really miss consuming hash properly.
Can anyone suggest decent portable vaporizers for use with hash?

I think Mr Incognito said he highly rates his flower mate for hash consumption?

My Storm vape just eats the battery on highest setting for hash and just gives wispy hits with little vapour...dont think my Pax 3 will be any good for hash either?

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Re: Best portable vape for Hash?

Post by Ricd » Tue 4th Sep 2018 03:51 am

hi mate.

Vapcap M from Dynavap.

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Re: Best portable vape for Hash?

Post by Pierre von Mondragon » Fri 14th Sep 2018 09:20 am

I kind of agree with this, I've tried various hashes of varying consistencies and stickiness, and always get decent clouds from it and performance, if I don't overpack it so it just melts into a solid plug. I do however always feel that it never really gets everything out of it in the way it does from ground weed, so always save the bits for a future cannabutter program, or even for breaking up further and adding to the next cap in the cases of the really sticky stuff. If I was a giver of marks I'd give it 7 for hash and 9 for weed.

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Re: Best portable vape for Hash?

Post by HisDudeness » Mon 17th Sep 2018 01:13 pm

Mighty by Storz & Bickel would be my recommendation - works fine with hash for me. I use the dosing capsules with it and make sure to not overfill with hash and to sandwich between 2 layers of ground up weed. Seems to me also that the oilier the hash, the harder a time you'll have with getting a good vape from it. Been using finely ground polms/light marocs and they work better overall I think.
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Re: Best portable vape for Hash?

Post by Lara_1988 » Wed 26th Sep 2018 09:17 pm

Plenty of good suggestions above, i vape with hash and if i have one recommendation.... CLEAN IT AFTER USE

Hash has a real bad habit of dirtying up the chamber and if you leave it overnight... a real b*stard to clean!

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Re: Best portable vape for Hash?

Post by Carver99 » Mon 19th Nov 2018 09:41 pm

Flowermate Aura is a good vaporizer for hash

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