Gummed up grinder

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Gummed up grinder

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I usually use a grinder until it's too gummed up to grind anymore. A couple of weeks ago I thought I would try and clean it, so I covered it in a 50/50 solution of white vinegar and water and boiled it for about 5 minutes. What I found was that the grinder was cleaner, but not fully clean. The process loosened up much of the remaining goo, but it probably needed to boil longer. So in terms of grinder cleaning, the experiment was only partially successful. The remaining solution was far too rich in cannabis residue too waste so I used a bandana as a sieve and allowed it to dry out for a week. What I wound up with was some killer hash. With a longer boil next time I hope to end up with a restored grinder AND a hash treat. :mrgreen: Waste not want not :mrgreen:

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Re: Gummed up grinder

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excellent work .... and if you want to be REALY frugal you could always wash it down with a lovely chilled glass of bong juice :thumbup:
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