Flowermate Slick Portable Vape Review

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Flowermate Slick Portable Vape Review

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Tiny, tiny weed chamber
Rubbish instructions - couldn't work out how the solids chambers would fit, not that I spent much time trying to work it out after I realised how small the weed chamber is.
Strange because it looks good/well made with a nice feature of a magnetic cap, and is what sold it to me because my Storm doesn't have a cap, which makes carrying it around a bit precarious. Lost a few loads in the depths of my pockets :)

The FMS is going straight back & I'm going to get another Storm, which I've been very happy with until I dropped it quite hard & now it seems to drain the battery after 1 load. Still usable but only for home use. Thought it was old batteries at first but the same thing happens with brand new ones. Must be shorting out somewhere. :?

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