Arizer Extreme-Q.. better than the Volcano??

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Re: Arizer Extreme-Q.. better than the Volcano??

Post by DaveS » Thu 15th Feb 2018 03:44 pm

It's been used pretty much every day since I bought it and I have to admit that there's a couple of little things that I've noticed - a couple of times (including today, 5 minutes ago!,the unit has shut off...

I've since realised that I'd switched on the timer and somehow missed the bright green LED shouting《TIMER》at me with all its might!

What DID surprise me though, was that it switched off in the middle of filling the bag. Not a biggie by any stretch, but I would have thought that they could have used some kind of overide feature, where it simply prioritises the "active" function (using it!) over the sleep timer, say... Or reset the sleep timer to restart once the unit has been idle for a minute or two?

Certainly doesn't put me off in any way, just something I'm more aware of now. To be fair, I think I've switched on the timer from the remote by accident when aiming (badly - probably due to impairment of some sort??) for the fan control! By the way, I REALLY like the remote as well. The number of times I've sat down with a bagful, having left the EQ switched on to start another bag directly afterwards, only to find myself strangely unable to get up and fill the bag again... Anyhoo... It's times like these that the creature comforts like remote controls really come in handy!

I've got to find the eBay seller who was doing the long rolls of oven bags that replaced the stock balloons on the Volcano. They were super-quiet, and seemed a bit less resistant to the stickiness inside than the OE version. Damn sight cheaper too!

I've worked things down to starting a fresh bowl off at 185°C now - much lower than before.. this still gives me two or three very nice bag-fulls at that temperature, then I'll get the temp up to 200° and run another two or three bags before giving the remains a good toasting at 240°C until it has nothing left to give. Flavour deteriorates as temp increases, obviously, but the effects change too, so by the end of the night I'm probably ready for a nice couchlock to send me off to sleep anyway.

Clean up on the glassware is handled easily enough with some isopropyl alcohol but the Volcano was a bit simpler in some ways.

I've had two pure biftas since I bought the Arizer, and even tho there's definitely a different hit with a spliff, there's not enough of one to make up for one of the BIGGEST things I've noticed - the smell. Or rather, lack of it. When I came into the front room the morning after the spliff I'd had, there was no doubt what I'd been up to the night before! Now, after a long, hard session with the EQ, I walk in and there's no smell at all!

Oh yes.. I like this little thing.

Even having crazy thoughts about the feasibility of bringing it to Amsterdam on my next trip, purely to use in the hotel! I doubt very much it would affect the smoke detectors too drastically!


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