Chefchaouen Morocco

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Chefchaouen Morocco

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Well I have the pleasure of spending New Year in Chefchaouen, a beautiful town in the Moroccan mountains. An incredibly friendly place that practically promotes hash! Most of the families in the town seem to have a connection with the weed growing business and the hash here is as fresh as it comes...
I can personally recommend, Rif-For-Anyone a fantastically friendly holiday home, that is completely set up for like minded travellers. Nothing to worry about here, just fantastic smoke, friendly faces and stunning views. Who needs the Netherlands? :lol:
Happy New Year everyone!!!

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Re: Chefchaouen Morocco

Post by vinyl »

Hi, I be interested in visiting Chefchaouen, I have a lot of information ...
My friends recommend me Guernika Hotel, very clean and cheap (19e night, 2 per) and visit the mountains of the Riff and make your own hash ... mmmh! :lol: the best hash in the world just 1.5e/gr :wink:
you enjoy! lucky you! :D
Happy new year!
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Re: Chefchaouen Morocco

Post by pengaldinho »

Im looking into a trip to Morocco. This place sounds interesting, cheers for the info." onclick=";return false;
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Re: Chefchaouen Morocco

Post by verticalSquare »

Cool - glad you had a good trip. Have read about this place before. Isn't smoking hash in Morocco very risky though? Have read horror stories of people having the soles of their feet beaten for up to days on end until they tell the police the name of their supplier. Didn't particularly like the sound of this...
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Re: Chefchaouen Morocco

Post by alpen rock »

I was born in Marrocco, and lived there fr 10 Yrs +

I used to return there on an annual basis.Chaouen is in the heart of the morrocan HAsh producing region, the northern mountains of the Rif Chain.Rif people are berbers, they speak a different language frm other parts of the country.Chaouen is the amsterdam of Marroco, buying hash won't be a problem up there, but getting 1st quality is very hard to come across if you don't have connections or speak Rif, or at least arabic.However,you'll still easily get nice polm at dirt cheap rates!!everyone will tell you they have the first quality, of course...
Isn't smoking hash in Morocco very risky though?
It can be risky, just don't be silly and smoke everywhere.Busting tourists with hash is a national sport, and morrocan jails are frm another time if you see what I mean...
The rif might be the less risky place though.Just don't pull the devil by his tail...this is a truly beautiful place, with excellent food to be enjoyed in the less classy looking establishment, don't be put off by the looks of the restaurants...Enjoy yerself!!

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