Dolphin Watching Family Finds £500,000 Cannabis Stash in Morocco

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Dolphin Watching Family Finds £500,000 Cannabis Stash in Morocco

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Dolphin Watching Family Finds £500,000 Cannabis Stash

British family dolphin-spotting in the Mediterranean came across suitcases containing £500,000 worth of cannabis.

Simon Khan, from Witney, Oxfordshire, his partner and their two young sons risked their lives to seize the haul and hand it over to police after spotting the floating cases.

They were on holiday in Duquesa, Spain, when they decided to take the boat trip and were 12 miles off Morocco when they saw the first case.

Despite being worried the package was awaiting pick-up, sales manager Mr Khan said his family felt 'morally obliged' to seize it and report it to the Costa del Sol police. On their return they collected another five packages.

Mr Khan said: 'The captain was terrified and I was worried. The whole way back there were boats criss-crossing backwards and forwards.'

Police took charge of the drugs but did not take the family's names or ask for statements.

Mr Khan said: 'I was stunned by the lack of authority involved.'

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Source: the Daily Mail
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Website: The family who went dolphin-hunting... and found £500,000 cannabis stash


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Next stop The Mediterranean!! :lol:
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Mr Khan, you are officially an idiot.
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Ash333 wrote:Mr Khan, you are officially an idiot.
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