What's everyone smoking

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Re: What's everyone smoking

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Now smoking on german grown Tangie & Josh D OG :mrgreen: finally some good weed in my part of germany. Most time you only get regular weed( no flavor&taste) or some strange Haze ( this shit is laced or sprayed, unsmokeable).

I know some people who are growing it, but they only doing cashcrops to sell it. So they doing zkittles(dutch passion) amnesia :sick: :sick: :sick: , mauwi waui skunk( thats the only one who is accectable from time to time) and ed rosenthal super bud( it's regular haze bullshit :evil: ). So they have no idea, a friend of mine telling them all the time " do dna strains dudes" but they dont Listen 😂😂

Every strain i wrote above is disgusting or regular when they grow it😂 the amnesia is Just regular haze, like in every shop in Holland. Nothing Like 10-15 years ago, when amnesia,ssh,slh was real strains and there was really a variation in the flavors of haze weed. My theory is, that a lot of oldschool strains are dead since it was illegal to Produce seeds in holland way way back. I heard about police raidings, but i dont know if thats true🤷. If it's true, then i think they killed a lot of motherplants, so the genetics are dead. A friend of me grew a lot of oldschool strains, its allways will be regular or Something like that. But if he grows kush, then it is very nice weed with a good kushy kosher taste 😁. Now he is doing only kush, but the holy grail which he was doing for years, is now haze weed🤷🤷🤷🤷. Really they fucking up the genetics, i dont know why. Dna genetics is in the USA, so i dont know why they fucking up there strains😓😭. If you buying sensi seeds or dutch passion these days, i think you will be dissapointed.

Like i said, my friend trys all the oldschool stuff, because he loves it. But allways regular bullshit! If you look at seedfinder.eu in some comments you will see. Look at nl5xhaze from sensi for an example. There is a Guy who grew it in the 90's, and then he doing it years years later again, and he said it has nothing to do with the original he was growing in the 90's. It's a shame

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Re: What's everyone smoking

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I smoke different strains. I like Donkey Butter, Sherblato, Lemon Tree. I can continue this list. Do not think that I smoke daily. I prefer to smoke once a week and often choose a new strain.
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Re: What's everyone smoking

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hello everyone I smoke at the moment only dry skittlez Anonymuz farm. tongie 120 willy wonka farm. 24 k wanpiecefarm I recommend you the 3 of the killing
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Re: What's everyone smoking

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Re: What's everyone smoking

Post by Ghost »

Today will be consisting of

DABS = Rosin - The Mac1, Cookie Dawg, Amnesia and a rather cakey/buttery Northern Lights - all good quality rosin at a reasonable price.

FLOWER = Cookie Dawg and Northern Lights.

:D 8) :mrgreen: :D :thumbup:
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