Flores De Canarias, Costa Adeje, Tenerife

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Flores De Canarias, Costa Adeje, Tenerife

Post by djgtp » Mon 13th Aug 2018 04:30 pm

Address: Calle Gran Bretaña 2, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Canary Islands 38660

Opening hours: 12:00 - 21:00

Located close to San Euginio shopping centre. Bus and taxi stops at bottom of Calle Gran Bretana. Club is just one room with a small office and toilet. There are a few leather sofas, 3 or 4 tables, pool and football tables. There are grinders and lighters scattered around and skins on the bar where cold drinks available. They have a few roor bongs, a volcano and what I think is dab rig (never used one). Used the roor. Wasnt spotless but put fresh water in for me.

I'd emailed a few weeks before arriving and was told I was ok "to pass at club". I arrived at 13:30 and after showing my email was taken to the office. Signed a few forms, copied my passport and then went through rules. As a tourist they wouldn't allow me to leave the club with weed until closing time. I smoked some of what I bought, pocketed enough for a night cap and returned what was left to the office. Put my member number on bag and put in safe. As I had a restaurant booking for 9pm she said I could come at 11:45 the next day to pick up.  True to her word she was there and allowed me to pick up and leave with what I needed. I got:-

Critical 2.0 - €7 pg
Green crack (hash) - €12 pg
Orange skunk - €8 pg
Double glock - €8 pg

The weed is presented in a wooden box with compartments for each strain and a perspex top. There was at least 10 strains possibly around 15. She was happy to get the tubs out for me to look and smell. All weed was €6-9. Pollen (dry sift) was €10-12. Looking the easier to use in a pipe I got the green crack which looked like little pieces of lava rocks. She also offered isolator for €15 pg and bho for €30. Being a smoker of mainly very average street weed I am easily pleased when in Amsterdam or Spain and again wasn't disappointed with any of these purchases. The double glock seemed the harshest in my cheap throw away metal pipe with the orange skunk being the tastiest. The green crack hash wasn't as strong as I'd expected it to be but was a nice topping on the weed and had a good taste on its own. I would report that ash from my pipe seemed to be grey / black ie not all white as it seems people look out for. All the weed wasn't overly dry or sticky and seemed to have some a decent covering of crystals shining away! None were overly strong. All good daytime smokes which suited what i needed and had described to her. Have also noticed pictures of syrup bottles on their Instagram page. Forgot to ask about those. Noticed they had a few trophies for canarian based competitions.

All in all a good club, good selection and decent opening hours. Just remember if a tourist I'd recommend a visit between 20:00 and 21:00. :D

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